what CAN you wear with a denim jacket?

i've tried jeans of the same blue, lighter shade of blue, darker shade of blue and black and khakis, all look weird of seem like a fashion disaster

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    okay...first of all it depends on the wash of the denim jacket. I believe the only acceptable wash now-a-days is dark, dark blue. The light washes have not quite come back in yet. I'll start with donts:

    >Do not wear it with jeans - this is what we call a "Canadian Tuxedo"

    >Do not try to dress the jean jacket up, a polo is about as dressy as you want to take it

    The Dos:

    >Wear it with khakis - the dark/light contrast is good

    >Wear it with corduroy (i reccomend a medium brown or tan) - a very good casual combination

    >T-shirt or polo

    Also one way to spice it up and make it fresh is to "pop the collar" - i know its a bit bold, but it gives it a young, fresh look :) I've added a link of a n example of the wash and way it should be worn.

    Finally, might i reccomend you pick up a military jacket, they're all the rage right now and are a stylish alternative to the jean jacket. i've added a second link for the military jacket :) Also, dont listen to the haters...denim jackets can be quite stylish if worn correctly. Gap, Armani Exchange and many others are promoting them as part of their fall lines :)

    Hope that helps friend!

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    Listen, my brother. Forget those damn fashion weasels. If you want to wear a denim jacket, wear it..................with anything you want, or nothing at all. The fact that you are thinking about wearing a denim jacket, means that your mind is not controlled by the religion of fashion culture. We already have enough people running around worrying about the clothes they wear, but don't have a clue about life itself. It isn't what is on the outside that counts, it's what is on the inside. Dressing up some folks in the latest threads, is kinda like putting lipstick on the pig. Dude, James Dean wore a denim jacket. There is no one on this planet that holds a candle to that guy's coolness factor. Be a man, and wear what you like, and try not to hurt any of the fashion weenies when they sneer at your duds. They have their own problems. Problems that guys with denim jackets laugh at................My two cents,

    Be Cool, Will

  • 4 years ago

    You'd look like a country singer. Jeans and jeans never looks good. Try the cropped jeans jacket, a cute plain top and some baggy cargo trousers, or skirt. That would looks super cute. Cropped jeans jackets also look very cute with dresses. I think i might have the same jacket your talking about. I bought mine a couple of weeks ago.

  • Aimers
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    Don't wear jeans with a denim jacket...b/c it tends to look like a uniform. You can wear it with black or gray pants or chords.

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    well a tee and darker jeans DOES look good as long as the jacket is SLIGHTLY big and the tee covers the 1st couple of inches on the top of the jeans. trust me! just try it!

  • TLJ
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    Don't wear jean jackets anymore!! If I saw a guy with a jean jacket I'd think he was from a fifties' gang. All you'd need was a patch stain of dirt and a bandanna. Extra points for a southern accent. LOL. I suggest going for a blazer, or showing off your muscles in a t-shirt.

    Hope this helped.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't know why companies still make denim jackets... they are... out dated.. lol

    Nothing gos good with them, and they often make you look like some odd 80's character...

    Have a good day. :)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    umm oh my god, call the fashion police!

  • Anonymous
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