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what do you think of marijuana?

did you know 1000's of people lose their minds on pot. I think I am demon possesed. I smoked this stuff, 6 yrs ago, and I got really sick. I was always told how healty it is for you, I smoked for 2 yrs, and the ware and tare made me sick. I get sick and my doctor's are like that is why it is illigle. It affects the mind differently on some people. This is also a mind altering drug, it can change you from a nice person, to one full of hate, change you from one that is courages, to a coward.

why smoke it if there is a slight or moderate chance that you can get very have no idea my suffering. Get a doctors opion before you do this stuff, not a dealers.

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    People who use marijuana, even moderately, increase their risk of psychotic illness by 41%.

    THURSDAY, July 26 (HealthDay News) -- Smoking marijuana can raise your risk of developing a psychotic illness by 40 percent, British researchers say.

    Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal substance in most countries, including the United States. In fact, some 20 percent of young people report using it at least once a week or more, according to the article in the July 28 issue ofThe Lancet.

    "People who used cannabis had a greater risk of developing psychotic outcome then people who didn't use cannabis," said study author Stanley Zammit, a clinical lecturer in psychiatric epidemiology at Cardiff University.

    In the study, Zammit's group analyzed 35 studies that looked at whether marijuana was linked to mental health disorders.

    They found that people who had used marijuana were 41 percent more likely to have a psychosis compared with people who had never used the drug. They also found that the risk increased as the amount of marijuana used and the length of time someone used the drug increased.

    Those who smoked the most marijuana had a twofold to threefold increase in the risk of developing a psychotic problem, Zammit said.

    Part of the explanation for this effect is that people who use marijuana are at higher risk for mental problems even without the drug, Zammit explained. "Nevertheless, even when these factors were adjusted for, there still remained an association between marijuana and psychosis, which suggests that there is a causal relationship there," he added.

    Recent estimates are that 40 percent of young adults and adolescents have used marijuana at some time in their lives, the researchers noted.

    "People who are thinking about using cannabis or are already using cannabis need to be made aware of this risk," Zammit said. "People who experience any problems when using cannabis -- say if they become anxious or paranoid when they use cannabis -- those are warning signs, and people should be aware that they ought to be considering either stopping use or cutting down how often they use or the amount of cannabis they use."

    One expert believes the link between marijuana and the risk for psychosis is real, and needs to be viewed as a problem much like tobacco and its health risks.

    "This seems to be the best of studies conducted so far, and although this issue could never be proven directly, due to ethical limitations of a prospective exposure study, it provides a solid evidence that smoking cannabis increases risk for the development of psychosis later in life," said Dr. Adam Bisaga, an associate professor of clinical psychiatry in the Department of Psychiatry, Division on Substance Abuse, at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, in New York City.

    The study should change the view of risks involved in smoking cannabis, which until now has been considered by many to be a relatively benign substance, with low addiction potential and few long-term risks, Bisaga said.

    "We should change our approach and screen for cannabis use in the primary-care setting, counsel those who use it about increased risk of developing a potentially devastating psychotic illness and recommend stopping smoking," Bisaga said. "For those that are not able to stop using because of cannabis addiction, we should refer them to treatment."

    Cannabis addiction can be effectively treated, which may reduce the risk of psychosis, Bisaga said.

    "It appears that we are repeating the process we went through with tobacco use, initially considered to be benign, but as long-term risks were recognized, societal attitudes have changed, effective prevention strategies and treatments were developed, and rates of use and associated risks have diminished," he said. "We should now think about adopting some of these strategies to help cannabis smokers."

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    properly i'm 18 and that i've got in no way smoked in my existence, yet I do have a good number of adventure with it. It extremely relies upon on which state you're in, like Cali has it legalized and that i can work out many different states legalizing it interior the close to destiny. There extremely isn't as plenty incorrect with pot as human beings make it look. confident it must be cancerous, yet cigarettes are greater so. And alcohol is the worst for you, yet it extremely is been criminal in view that 1933. In end, pot might desire to be legalized interior the subsequent decade, yet once you do no longer desire to attend til you're 27 to casually walk down significant street, blunt or bong in hand, w/o getting arrested, i could might desire to conform to take a holiday faraway from the states or only circulate away all mutually. i might desire to upload that i'm very independent in this mushy difficulty and am only talking my life like opinion. i do no longer help or oppose pot, i think it extremely is the persons's option to the two smoke or no longer.

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    Thousands? I think it's more like millions. It seems that almost every American smokes weed. I know only very few people who have never touched it in their lives. I've never seen a country so addicted to marijuana. And yet it's here that its illegality is enforced the most. It makes no sense. Drugs like marijuana stop the functioning of the part of the brain that makes us different from other animals. So that means that while on pot, your brain status is no different than that of a chimpanzee. While on pot, you're a monkey. You only think you're not. A monkey doesn't know it's a monkey, and yet it is. Humans know what they are, except those on pot. But I don't care what people smoke, just don't brake the law, because I know you're not against it. Go to a country where pot is legal and leave us alone.

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    I don't support marijuana use, but I think it's kind of stupid for people to get arrested if they have it, grow it, etc., when our jails are overcrowded. I would rather see a pothead on the street than a thief or a rapist or a hard core drug dealer.

    My personal preference? I have tried it a handful of times. Didn't really care for it.

    Edit: Your comments are very thought-provoking. I have never known anyone who has had those experiences from smoking pot, but I guess I can see how it could do that to someone.

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    Well, considering alcohol and tobacco are much worse for you but still legal, marijuana should definitely be legal. I've never actually heard of someone smoking weed and going out and killing someone, I've never heard of someone dieing from lung cancer induced by pot. All the potheads I know just want to sit on the couch, watch stupid movies and eat junk food. If it makes you sick, don't do it. Simple as that. Did you want to fit in with whichever pothead friends you had at the time so badly that you made yourself physically ill? If you did then you deserve the punishment you're getting now.

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    Boy, somebody handed you a platter of stale propaganda. Marijuana has been used as a medicinal for centuries as well as a recreational drug. Marijuana was not outlawed federally until 1937.....not long after the Prohibition amendment was over ridden in the constitution and the recreational drugs, beer and liquor companies wanted the business to get profitable. In 1972, I quote, "The Nixon-appointed Shafer Commission urged use of cannabis be re-legalized, but their recommendation was ignored." In 1975 FDA established Compassionate Use program for medical marijuana. In 1988 DEA administrative law Judge Francis Young finds after thorough hearings that marijuana has clearly established medical use and should be reclassified as a prescriptive drug. His recommendation is ignored.

    Please cite where you received your Propaganda or, if it just the very active imagination of a young person who wants attention?

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    I think it's illegal and until it is it is a crime to possess it. I have had my usage of it in my life - intermittantly a time here or there - it was never an every day part of my life and I don't plan on every using it again. Thank God the past is the past.

    You are right, they're releasing new info about the usage of pot and the effects it can have on long term users and the results aren't pretty.

    Source(s): I work for a Psychiatrist who specializes in addictionology (among other things) - we get regular updates on these types of studies.
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    My sister smokes it daily! Even with the threat of prison over her head she still does it! I think it is like alcohol, it's something that you can't (or don't want to) just quit doing. Her daughter is 20 and pregnant and still smoking it as well! I wish she would quit!

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    I'm baked right now.

    I'm also in perfect physical shape, work out 7 days a week, eat well, etc. I'm successful in my career and I'm a productive, contributing member of society. (Sure, I work in a creative

    Not everybody who smokes marijuana winds up a hate-filled, cowardly, "sick" person, like you. It's as if you were trying to argue that everybody who drives dies in a car wreck. The personal factor counts for everything; and, you know, maybe sometimes a loser is just a loser, and marijuana is just his excuse.

    Are there risks? Oh, you mean like with alcohol? Let's face it, marijuana is only illegal because vested interests with lobbying power (alcohol, pharmaceuticals, paper, textiles, etc) don't want the competition, and because it's a cheap and easy way for politicians to point-game.

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    Well I've never done it...people make fun of me for it. I don't know what the big deal is whether I chose to smoke it or not but whatever. I'm sure alcohol is worse.

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    marijuanna is a brand name [owned by bayer corp]

    the bush that burned cannabis [that was made the design of the lamp stand [in front of the holy of holies] was the design mosus saw upon the mount [numbers]

    it was cannabis indica , also called tree of life [rev22]

    it has 30,000 fruits [only one includes smoking ]

    smoking flax he refuses to quench [issiah]

    Source(s): says he putting the hot coal [with tongs to his own lips] on a nother matter is this just? iherantly evil people cant handle dope ,it works on thier minds too much the conflicted double thinking types [will go insane with or without it ] but some use it to relieve thier addictive personalities , at least it dosnt rot thier guts out like if they went for booze, noting drunks are four times at risk than hemp smokers ,and the fact hemp has never killed anyone when perscribed meds [adverse reaction] [perscribed by a docter ,kills 3 jumbo jets equivilent each day in usa alone
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