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Need to get back into playing shape, what's a good dryland workout routine?

It's been 3 years since I've played hockey and I don't want to be sucking wind too much before I hit the ice this november

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    Here’s what I do and it has been working for me. Obviously a workout needs to be tailored to the individual, but these exercises may help.


    Lying dumbbell triceps extensions

    standing barbell curl

    behind head reverse hammers

    one-arm preacher curl

    Close-grip pushdowns

    incline dumbbell curl

    Parallel bar dips

    hammer curl

    Single-arm reverse-grip pushdowns

    reverse grip EZ bar

    rope push downs

    super light dumbbell curls


    Dumbbell Incline Presses,

    Pullovers and Presses,

    Dumbbell Bench Presses,

    Narrow-Grip Bench Presses,

    Incline Dumbbell Flyes,

    Barbell Incline Presses,

    Push-Ups Between Benches,

    Cable standing incline flyes

    Cable standing decline flyes


    Barbell row

    Dumbbell Row

    Lat Pull Downs

    Cable Row

    Lower Back Machine


    lite wide lat pulldowns



    Lateral Raises

    Bent-Over Lateral Raises

    No rest front raises


    Military Presses

    Front Raises

    Rotator Cuffs

    Superlight lateral raises

    On incline bench, with 2 10lbs dumbbells:

    1st: Facing forward bring dumbbells up from sides to parallel to ground palms inward, slow repeat for ten reps.

    2nd: Facing bench bring dumbbells up from sides backwards as far as you can palms inward, slow repeat for ten reps.

    3rd: Stand up with dumbbells and do 10 lateral raises.

    4th: Back in position 2, raise arms so they are forward, palms inward, arms bent in a semi bear hug position and parallel to ground. Bring to sides and back to center for 10 reps. I usually do 5 lbs here because this exercise is hard.

    Do this set three times with out rest. The third set I change to all 5 lb movements. All of this is slow pace, like 1 second up and one second down.



    Leg Extentions

    Leg Curls



    Calf Lifts

    Glute Machine

    Leg lifts

    I also do 100 crunches per night.

    My idea is to hit a variety of ranges and movements in order to work the muscle to the maximum. I tend to use a weight I can do for 10 reps and for 25 reps on the last two movements. Apart from this I do 20 minutes or Cardio every day and stretch before and after the workout, as well as frequently during. Stretching is very important to muscular growth because not only does it help prevent injury and alleviate recovery pain, but it also stretches out the fascia tissue that surrounds the muscle and inhibits its growth. When you are pumped and you stretch is when you get the best stretch of the fascia. Lastly rest and nutrition are every bit as important as the workout itself. Eating enough protein for the muscle to recover and grow as well as enough carbohydrates to replenish diminished glycogen stores in the muscles and liver is vital for repair and being ready for the next time you tax those muscles.

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    Source(s): Ultimate Sciatica Guide
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