What exactly does soul searching mean???

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    looking inside yourself to find what you really want...

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    There comes a time that we all do some deep thinking and searching for the best solution or answer to a problem or issue. No conclusions reached real fast--I mean all the BEST ideas are considered and then accepting the honest truly favorable answer. It is silent, delving and often very difficult to reach an answer--but when we do we say we did a lot of soul searching and chose to handle it the best way possible. Good luck

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    It means taking the time to figure out what your real opinions are on certain things regardless of what other people think about it, including your closest relationships. One example of this is someone who feels convicted for eating meat. Feeling convicted means feeling really wrong about it. They have thought about the animals and decided that they don't like what animals have to go through in order for them to eat, so they choose not to eat it. Regardless if anyone else likes it or not. They have just found a key in finding themselves. Example number two is someone who grew up eating meat, then they thought about the animals and everything else, but still decide it's a better option to continue eating meat. Regardless of all their vegetarian friends and what they say. They just made a step in figuring out "who they are". And soul searching is the processing of different subjects in order to form an individual opinion on the subjects, completely your own solid opinion which would be difficult for someone to persuade you to sway. During your soul searching you should have people that guide you and give you their opinions on the subjects, which you will find are all different. After you have decided you have heard from everyone else enough about it, you sit with it for a while and eventually you have an opinion of your own formed. Some subjects are easier than others. Some that you thought were easy, you will later on find out are very difficult and you still don't know yourself what you think about it. Soul searching should be something you do throughout your life time. Situations can change and a lot of things can change making you form different opinions on the matter, even if you're 95 years old. I hope I helped! :-)

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    my interpretation of "soul searching" is an in depth review of activity that occurred that elicited a particular response. Additionally, it requires critcally thinking of the event and the choices made that led someone to a particular path either big picture - such as one's life, or immediate review of something current to one's own life. Taking a look at the immediate review of an event can lead one to think of the "big picture" and consider a) how to prevent this from occurring again in the future, and b) consider how to change the pattern so nothing like this occurs again.

    Soul searching may go a little beyond this above; however, this is a good beginning for changing an undesireable pattern.

    Best to you!

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    A Soul Searching Prayer

    Does my life please You as I live each day?

    Do I glorify You, Lord, in everything I say?

    Do I show others Your love in all that I do,

    When others see me do they also see You?


    Are my motives pure, I know that You see.

    Would I want other Christians to be like me?

    You understand my thoughts, You're the only one who can,

    When I'm all by myself am I a God pleasing man(person)?


    I don't mean am I perfect for without Christ I know I'm not,

    But am I doing doubtful things hoping that I won't be caught?

    Are there any hidden issues in the depth of my heart,

    That as a born again Christian I should bid to depart?


    If there's any thought or action that's bringing You shame,

    Help me to surrender it in Jesus' blessed name.

    I don't want to continue anything that displeases You,

    And I want to do everything that You would have me do.


    Dear God, in Your wisdom,

    You know how to keep me straight,

    If You ever see me straying correct me before too late.

    By Your grace You have saved me and forgiven all my sin,

    I love You, I thank You, and I praise You, amen.

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    It means taking the time to really, honestly think through a situation and your reaction to it to come up with an answer or decision that comes from your deepest beliefs and ideals.

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    Searching deep within yourself to find what is missing and how to fix it.

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    1 decade ago

    soul searching is the lover you looking for

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    To me it means taking a good hard look at yourself and finding out what you are and want to do.

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    it means being true and sincere with yourself...getting to the "root" of the matter to secure what you're REALLY and honestly feeling

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    It mean coping with a nervous breakdown.

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