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Strength of the EPL after summer transfers?

Do you think the EPL will be 'stronger' than last year after the following transfers?

Into EPL:

Fernando Torres

Atletico Madrid to Liverpool


FC Porto to Man U


Sporting FC to Man U

Claudio Pizarro

Bayern Munich to Chelsea

Jonathan Woodgate

Real Madrid to Middlesbrough

Gareth Bale

Southampton(C) to Tottenham Hotspur

Owen Hargreaves

Bayern Munich to Manchester City

Andriy Voronin

Bayer Leverkusen to Liverpool

Eduardo da Silva

Dinamo Zagreb to Arsenal

Tuncay Sanli

Fenerbahce to Middlesbrough

Florent Malouda

Lyon to Chelsea

Martin Petrov

Athletico Madrid to Manchester City

Jose Enrique Sanchez

Villareal to Newcastle

Out of EPL:

Robbie Fowler

Liverpool to Cardiff City (C)

Dennis Rommedahl

Charlton to Ajax

Khalid Boulahrouz

Chelsea to Sevilla

Juan Pablo Angel

Aston Villa to NY Redbulls

Thierry Henry

Arsenal to Barcelona

Jose Antonio Reyes

Arsenal to Athletico Madrid

Giuseppe Rossi

Man U to Villareal

Did I miss any big ones?

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    I don't see Woodgate as "in" as he played for Boro last year. I don't see Reyes as "out" as he did not play for the Gunners last year (same logic to Rossi), so these "transfers" do not alter the strength of the EPL relative to last season.

    As I see it the only major loss is Henry.

    Although the TH14 loss is huge to the EPL (and I'm a Man Utd fan), the EPL is overall stronger than last year.

    I see it like this:

    Hargreaves + Nani + Anderson + Malouda + Torres (to name the biggest names) are collectively better than Henry. Henry is better than all of them individually, but if Barcelona were offered ALL of the aforementioned for a straight swap of Henry, I think they would take it. The EPL basically made this swap.

    Also, we have not heard the last from Chelsea. They will bring in someone (Daniel Alves?).

    I would also factor in Championship players such as Garreth Bale and David Nugent as being "new" as they did not play in the EPL last year.

    The EPL lost some star power in Henry, but the overall depth and quality of the league will be higher this year.

  • Owen Hargreaves came to Manchester United not city.

    Source(s): You forgot Luis Garcia from Liverpool to Atletico Madrid
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    No the problem with the EPL is the amount of teams that just play dull football.Most of the teams i would not pay money to see due to the quality of the football they play.

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    It should be Javier Hernandez. He gained them the video games against Valencia and Stoke. he's in warm style at modern. between the names you listed, i could organize them as: Hernandez van der Vaart Chamakh Bebe

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    yes and every year the bar at the top seemed to raise don't you think so?

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