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meyer's or senegal?

Which parrot should I get?

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    i see many votes for senegals here, but i have to disagree. there is a saying i've heard many places and i use often myself, meyers want to love and senegals want to BE loved. meyers only want to be as affectionate as they can, especially to their mommys and daddys :), but to anyone else as well. senegals only want attention. they get jealous when they see their owners interacting withother humans and animals. i know this not only from research, but from owning both types of birds myself. i personally prefer the sweeter and gentler meyers parrot.

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    If it were me I would get a senegal. They are not as noisy as a meyers parrot. Have you thought about maybe a jardines aprrot. They look like meyer parrots but are not as noisy either. That is unless you like the noise.

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    A Senegal. They are excellent pets. They are loyal and intelligent, and bond quickly with their owners. They may, in fact, have a slight tendency to bond a little too strongly, and can be jealous of you paying attention to others. However, they can talk and are an easy parrot to train.

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    I took care of a Meyer's and she was really sweet and very quiet, plus she didn't demand interaction or time.

    I'd vote for the Meyer's any day.

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  • John P
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    I vote for Senegal . Around here they are usually cheaper.

    Source(s): Share my home with 8 cockatiels and one nearsighted Quaker parrot who is convinced we cannot see him being sneaky! Spent 2 years working with a Vet.
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