Chinese name translations please... for kids project?

Hi There, I am a child care provider and I am going to do a Chinese theme with the kids in two weeks time. We have already done Hawaii Mexico and Africa... please could someone help me find alternate names for the following names... serious intelligent answers only please as this is for the benefit of the children I teach.

I am making a passport for each child with their names in each language.

I would love the pronunciation and also the Chinese written names if at all possible, I realize that these names may not directly be translated to Chinese, but how would Chinese pronounce these names and how would they write them???

I thank you for any help you can give.

Names to translate are

Griffin (boy)

Evann (girl)

Mackenzie (girl)

Connor (boy)

Ethan (boy)

Kaitlyn (girl)

Thank you for your help

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    1 decade ago
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    These aren't direct. Basically, Chinese will translate the "sound" k?

    Griffin:格里芬 (ge li fen)

    Evann: 伊婉 (yi wan)

    Mackenzie: 麥肯琦 (mai ken qi)

    Connor: 康納 (kang na)

    Ethan: 伊桑 (yi sang)

    Kaitlyn: 凱特琳 (kai te lin)

    the "kang" for connor doesn't have the g it's not very strong. It's so soft you barely hear it. Same with the "sang" in ethan :)

    Hope this helps

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    1 decade ago

    EX: Tom Cruise 湯姆克魯斯

    Griffin (boy) 葛飛林

    Evann (girl) 伊娃恩

    Mackenzie (girl) 麥肯席

    Connor (boy) 康納

    Ethan (boy) 伊森

    Kaitlyn (girl) 凱蒂琳

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    1 decade ago

    This site gives names in the characters - not sure if it gives pronunciation.

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