2000 Mercury Villager reduced power when goes up the hill on highways, or accelerating?

After adding STP in the fuel tank car's power is reduced, especially when it goes up the hill. Its RPM doesn't goes up 2k, it goes up to 3K only after applying more pressure on the gas peddal and a sudden jerk. Please help!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Siphon the fuel out of your tank and fill up with new gas. Most additives are like those diet pill commercials on late-night TV. They're useless. The odd thing is that some of the best-selling additives are the least beneficial to your car. Oil companies have a hundred years and billions of dollars invested in developing their formulations almost to perfection. Why throw off the balance of all their hard work? Additives can be used to mask a problem, such as hiding exhaust smoke from burning oil, but shouldn't be expected to improve anything. As the owner of lube shops, I know the kind of damage these additives can do. There are MANY fuel and oil additives that are more likely to cause harm than good. But the companies will continue to sell them as long as the profits are greater than their lawsuit expenses.

  • 1 decade ago

    Sounds like several forces at work here. You added fuel treatment. Most likely because the van was experencing some driveability problem. That engine misfire took out the cat converter. Have a muffler shop do a back pressure test or remove the front O2 sensor and see if the van runs better exhaust blowing out the o2 sensor hole. Don't do this long just a couple accelerations to see if the power is back to make the upshift. Front O2 sensor is visable from under the front looking up 7/8 inch wrench let it hang on it's wire. Short test drive. If that is not it start looking at distributor and timing belt may have jumped a couple tooths,

    Source(s): Nissan Master Technician
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