do you think that milk causes ear infections?

My son is 2 and has had four or five ear infections since he was born. We just switched to soy milk to see if that will make a difference. He's been drinking it for 1 1/2 weeks, and he hasn't been pulling at his ears to indicate there is any pain.

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    1 decade ago
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    Congratulations. Looks like you figured it out yourself. Different people react differently to milk. Some get allergic reactions. Some are milk intolerant. Sometimes milk doesn't directly cause ear infections, but may cause other effects such as mucus buildup, sinus congestion, or allergic reactions. But the worse effect is to affect your son's immunity response such that your son's immune system is not strong enough to fight the ear infection. But it looks like the switch to soy milk did the job. For now anyway.....

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    Ear infections? Where did you get the idea that milk might do that? I know many many people who only have raw milk in their houses including my own. This is milk straight out of bulk tanks right our farms and I've never heard of an ear infection concern. There is reasons to be concerned about raw milk and I am willing to admit that. Most raw milk supporters are preaching about the evils of pasteurized, homogenized milk and that's not me. Everyone I know drinks raw milk just out of convenience.

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    Cows milk causes the mucus membranes to become inflamed in most people and mucus becomes thick and clogs the Eustachian tubes, which causes ear infections.

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    small tube creates ear infections no dairy. the ears cant drain. dairy may make this worse because it causes congestion with prohibits drainage but it is not the cause

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