does vista home premium come with office 2007 already installed?

i bought an hp laptop with vista home premium on it. when i open word it askes me for product key but gives me no option to buy. i think it came with full version instead of trial and i got jipped on product key. Hp assures me it was only trial but then why dont i have the option to buy. thanks for any answers that can help.

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    1 decade ago
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    You always have the option to buy on a trial. The office trial is a full version good for 60 days and converts to a full version when you buy the product key from Microsoft and enter the key in the program.

    If you did not pay an extra $150 to $300 for Microsoft Office it is a trial. No computer manufacturer includes Microsoft Office for free with their computer.

    Download a Microsoft Office 2007 60 day free trial

    Trial programs contain the same functionality that you get when you buy the perpetual versions — but only for a limited time

    Once your trial runs out you can not reinstall the trial for another 60 day trial.

    Microsoft Office Suites Comparison

    Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student for 3 PCs $121.42

    Office Professional 2007

    licensed for up to 2 home computers

    Price $167.99


    Another option is to download and use OpenOffice which is FREE and is a clone of Microsoft Office. You can always buy Microsoft Office later if you do not like it.


    OpenOffice can import from Microsoft Office application and save to the MS application unless noted:

    Writer = Microsoft Word

    Calc = Microsoft Excel

    Impress = Microsoft PowerPoint

    Base = Microsoft Access

    Draw = Similar to Microsoft Publisher but not directly compatible

    No equivalent = Microsoft Office Office Outlook

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    1 decade ago

    Vista doesn't come with Office 2007 on it, but maybe a trial or something is there on your laptop.

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    4 years ago

    expensive john, abode windows vista presented MS place of work student/place of work expert and a few anti virus like MacAfee, Norton 60 days trial version. once you replace those utility you will be able to desire to purchase license key for them. confident If u decide to uninstall all updates then u can. For that u can flow upload/do away with software and uninstall all updates of MS place of work student 2007. If u do no longer decide to place in replace well-known then you certainly will instruction manual configure youw abode windows replace selection on top of issues panel.

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    6 years ago

    i just got a product key from

    . it worked perfectly. i'm so excited to share my experience here.

    their customer service is 1st class and I will definitely be recommending the site and I will be using the site again.

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