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Is it a good time to go to Peru?

I herd theres a warning that tensions are rising because of the upcoming elections.... would it be dangerous to be there at that time or absolutely harmless and entertaining? And hows the weather there now?

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    There are no upcoming elections in Peru, we still have 3 more years with our current president so there's no need to worry on that aspect!!! It's winter in Lima although this is the perfect time to go to the highlands (Cuzco, Machu Picchu). The best time to come to Lima will be January through May, but that's the worse rainny season in the highlands. So it's a matter of priorities, what is it exactly that you want to see in Peru. If Cuzco and Machu Picchu are your priorities, then yes, come now. If not wait until summer (Jan-March) However, October/November will be quite a springy kind of weather in Lima and you can still go to the Highlands with no problem. I would wait until late October.

    Peru is as dangerous as any other place in the world, it's just a matter of taking care of yourself. Been to Rio (3 times) and I have never been mugged, went to LA once and I was mugged so it's a matter of just taking care and looking well after yourself.

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    Now in Peru is the middle of winter and weather is not so good, at least in Lima ( a bit cold (like 15C at night and 18-20C at noon, cloudy almost all time and drizzle), the best time to go January-March. But I don't think that if even now you will go there it is dangerous...Good luck, have a fun in Peru

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    There were several strikes in June and July over issues like allocation of national revenue to education and the leasing of large tracts of Amazonia to foreign oil companies. Several flights were cancelled and Perurail cancelled 2 seperate days trains to Machu Picchu, but no tourists were harassed or harmed. things have been pretty quiet for over a month. Peru is a wonderful place to visit in terms of scenery, biology, parks, history, ruins, the graciousness of its people, etc.

    You should visit.

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    Go to Arequipa in the south of Peru. its good.


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