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Swimming starts in the winter? What is a good workout routine that can get me into shape for it?

PLease give a detailed plan that i can follow

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    Running, builds up your lung capacity, and your endurance!

    Various chest and arm exercises.

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    HEY! I too start winter swim soon...and what I've been doing is going to the Y like twice a week and just swimming. Usually i just do a 4x100's freestyle...2x100 IMs..and usually a like a 300 kick. I take my time..but every week I boost it up a notch..whether going faster or someone timing me or adding a 100 to my workout. Have fun!

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    Running, not intense, but build up some indurance. stretching, and core work, like abs. Do as many different kinds of crunches that you can. Get you self a strtch cord and do lat extensions, bicep extensions, do things that will work muscles opposite of swimming so you dont pull some thing when you get in the pool. But yeah, build up as much arobic endurance as you can.

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    i suggest just going to a local YMCA, or gym with a pool and go there before or after school 5 times a week and start out your 1st week doing 5 laps, 2nd week 10 etc. so that you can build up your endurance. on swim team they do ask you to swim a lot of laps so doing this will definitely help you to prepare for it. good luck!

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    You can sit on top of a book on your knees with your feet bent for 5-10 minutes. They also need to touch together while sitting on them. When you do this often, your feet will be shaped like a ballerina's foot, so your kick in the water will be stronger. You can also get a baseball bat or something similar. Hold it with both arms, then slowly bring them back as far as you can. Hold it for 3-5 seconds, then slowly bring them back. Do this one for about 5 minutes. This will let your arms to be more flexible when you do your stroke, so it'll be easier for you. I hope this works out for you.

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    when not working out: lay on ur bed or w/e and take deep breathes, and raising ur stomch instead of the chest.then hold from 7-10 secs.

    monday: 10 crunches, 10 min of running or jump roping, 5 pushups, 2 mins of wall sits

    tuesday: add 5 to every workout

    (keep adding five for every week day)(but at monday start all over)

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    lifting weights and going jogging they build your muscles and core. you can also practice laps at a local pool.

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