JJ Thomson questions?

From his work, which particles do you think he would feel are most important for the formation of compounds (chemical changes) and why?

Of the remaining two subatomic particles, which do you place second in importance for forming compounds and why?

Propose three models that explain his findings and evaluate them.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    JJ Thompson studied electrons and they are the particals that participat most in bonding so that is the answer to the first one. Then the proton because that is what makes the atom unique and gives it it's charge. I think that JJ Thompson used the plum pudding model. That had little plum peices scattered all around the center and he thought of those as electrons not existing in perfect orbits. Then the wave-mechanics model came into being later but added on to his hypothesis of electrons not existing in the perfect layers but in orbits and that an electron's location at a certain time can not be predicted. And Finally Bohr's model of the atom was disproved with some of Thompson's work.

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