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In the 19's century, who established a vast empire around the world? British? French? Dutch? Portuguese?

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    That would be the British and the French, the Dutch and Portuguese were much earlier.

    The British, French and Dutch first concentrated on North America and as of 1815 the British and French started to conquer the rest of the world, mainly in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

    The Dutch basically had some posessions in the West Indies (Suriname and several islands that are nowadays the Netherlands Antilles) and the main part of their colonial possessions was nowadays Indonesia, the Dutch didn't participate in the fight for more colonies in the 19th century.

    The Portuguese already lost Brazil in 1822 and what they had left was basically Cape Verde, São Tomé and Príncipe, Guinea-Bissau, Angola, and Mozambique in Africa, Goa in India, Macau and East Timor in Asia. As compared to the British and the French this hardly qualifies as an Empire.

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    In the 1800s, the British and French had extensive global empires. The Dutch somewhat, only in the East and West Indies and equatorial Africa. Portugal hardly had any territories left from its once large colonial empire by the 19th century.

    So to answer your question: Britain and France, yes. The Dutch, somewhat. Portugal, no

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    All of them.If you are asking for the greatest to the least i would say U.K,France,Dutch and Portuguese.

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    "The sun never sets on the British Empire"

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    The answer is all of the above.

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