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Tylenol 3 question?

whats Tylenol 3 for.. i have bad head achs and it's not strong enough?

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    Tylenol 3 is a narcotic. It is acetaminophen with codeine. It is prescribed by a physician after some surgeries such as wisdom tooth extraction.

    You shouldn't take it for a headache. If you head hurts bad enough that T.3 doesn't work for you then you need to see your physician.

    Try these things also. Lay on your couch or bed with your feet propped up. Not real high, just higher than your head. This helps blood get to your brain more readily thus allowing more oxygen to get there too. Put a cool towel over your eyes. Lay in a dark room if possible. If not, make sure the cool towel covers your eyes enough to make it dark.

    When I have a headache I like it when someone rubs my feet while they are propped up. Not sure if it helps relieve the pain but it sure does feel good.

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    Yes why have you put this question in the section but never mind. If you do some research on some decent medical sites you will see that codeine is quite a powerful pain reliever of the opiate family. Now 2 things spring to mind that you really need to know. Firstly long term use will block your body's natural painkillers (endorphins) and so when the drug wears off you will be in slight pain. This is why we are advised not to take codeine for a slight headache or any trivial pain as it may make things worse; this could therefore be affecting your neck in a negative way. The second thing is that all drugs have side effects and should never be taken for stupid reasons. Do some work and put side effects+codeine in to Google, you will see that these are not any fun! Lastly get a life and stop messing with substances you foolish child.

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    Tylenol 3 has two main ingriedients, acetaminophen and codeine.

    The acetaminophen can, if you exceed the normal dosage or take it with alcohol, do serious damage to the liver. They do not mention this in tylenol commericals, bad for sales.

    Oftentimes, headaches can be caused by caffeine withdrawal, many headache medicines have caffeine in them, and really are a built in way to cause headaches to return, which causes repeat sales.

    So one thing to try with a headache, is to drink some tea, to get the caffeine to treat the headache.

    Strong narcotics are not the way to treat headaches, unless you have something like brain cancer.

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    Tylenol 3 is a very mild drug used to treat pain. It is a combination of acetaminophen and codeine. It is usually prescribed for mouth pain like from an extraction, or throat pain.

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    tylenol 3 is a 300mg tylenol with codeine. the codeine is bad and will make you drowsy, breast feeding mother taking tylenol 3 could kill the baby. tylenol extra strength 500mg without codeine is stronger.

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