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Anonymous asked in HealthDiseases & ConditionsCancer · 1 decade ago

About Leukemia?

My mother is 68 years' old, weights 95 1/2 pounds and the doctor's are testing her for leukemia. My question is this, has anyone had to deal with something like this and what are the symptoms? She's not eating, she sleeps a lot, her blood is an odd shape (?). The doctor's have just recently performed an ultrasound on her abdomen to check her spleen and liver. They say she may need to have a bone marrow test. Tests are still pending.

Also, if the tests come back positive and by the sounds of her health, she may be in the later stages of leukemia, how much time is she expected to have?

I welcome all answers from individuals who have had experience with this disease.

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    i have leukemia, i've had it for about 2 months now. since shes older her chances are fewer than mine are. i have AML, its the faster growing one. the symptoms are different for everyone. for me i got sick a lot and i also bruised really easily. those are the common symptoms. i dont think its leukemia, but it might be. i had a bone marrow test, its not that bad. it just hurts to walk or sit for a couple days but then the pain goes away. if shes in the later stages of leukemia that cant be good. if she has AML you only have 4 months and if you dont find it before that you die. with ALL that one isnt as bad.

    chemo theripy is the worst part of the whole thing but you get through it, just tell your grandmother to have a positive attitude and be happy...believe me. it helps!

    dont think negitive or about what bad things can happen, look at the positives. i know its hard but you will all get through it!

    good luck with everything

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