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can i get to know everything about Canada? any Canadian here?

everything about like its national symbols(can include pics), national anthem, any school in toronto, and any other thing.


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    Telling you everything about Canada here would be about the same as asking to put everything down here about the USA...There's a heck of a lot to know and very little space allotted here lol.

    National Anthem: Oh Canada!


    A few tid-bits of info:

    We have a Prime Minister (not a President)

    We have Provinces (not States)

    We have coloured money (not just green like the US)

    We spell some words with a U like coloured unlike the US.

    We are under Englands that I mean we still listen to the Queen.

    We are probably the only place who is known for the word "eh" lol Sad but true...

    We have the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) AKA: cops on horses (as said by somebody else)

    We think of the beaver as the Canadian Animal because it's on our nickels and back in the day we had fur trading and beaver hats....

    Each province has it's own flag and flower as well so I can't tell you anything other than Ontario since that's where I'm from (Toronto is Ontarios' capital)... Here we have the Trillium (flower) and the Union Jack (Flag)

    For other things, do a search... cause the schools, my God there's a lot in TO (Toronto) lol Toronto has a lot of different cultures....

    Have fun learning about this great country up north :)

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    hmm symbols are the maple leaf, mooses, and beavers

    some toronto highschools are called Central Technical School, Western Technichal School, Oakwood Collegiate, Harbord Collegiate, Jarvis

    some universitys are University of Toronto, Ryerson University, and York

    ahh national anthem is Oh Canada Our home and native land blah blah google it lol

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    well the national symbol is the red maple leaf you just search the pic of the flag. the national athem is oh canada. there are many schools in toronto so u need to specify which specific area.

    there is alot of info about canada so if u have any specific questions i ll answer them for u.

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    Sure I'm Canadian, and I say get an encyclopedia, because I cant tell you all about Canada on this forum. Good luck though eh.

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    just search on the web for Canada, it will have info. or get a book about Canada or Canadians.

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    Canada rules. Maple leafs, beavers, moose, cops on horses, and more fresh water than you can shake a stick at. That is, until we sell it to the states.

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    For one, they really don't need a military so they can afford to build big sky scrapers, medical care, etc! Whey would you have to spend much on defense, when your neighbor is the most powerful civilization in human history.

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    The main thing you need to know about Canada is that it is kickass

    I am Canadian

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    True Canadian Born and Raised right here, if you wanna learn more add my email and we can talk on msn,

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    i became unaware that individuals are terrified of Canadians....if the U. S. "obeyed" or "observed" each thing Canada does, then the U. S. does not be interior the unlucky place they at the instant are....I in simple terms desire the folk of the international ought to income to get alongside!!

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