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Anything less messy then shrimp pellets?

I just putchased a small school of catfish - and I heard that to suplement the flakes they scour from the bottom it is good to feed them shrimp pellets. Proble with these things are when they hit the bottom the catfish love to eat them but they break into a millin pieces and there is bits of shrimp pellet flying everyhwere. I s there somthing maybe less messy to feed them - also i have wardley shrimp pellets is it possible another brand may be less messy?

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    Whardly shrimp pellets are the chepest food you will get for your cats. If you can tolerate the mess (and the extra algae causing silica) they generate, stick with them. They'll save a ton of money over time and its a nutritious staple food.

    If you've got boatloads of cash, you can use hikari sinking carnivore pellets. That's like like feeding a pig fau gras, caviar, and crystal. Unnecessarially expensive.

    I suppliment mine with occasional frozen bloodworms & beefheart.

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    They're all about the same. Just don't put that many in, just a few. And I only put them in my tank once every few days. Like you said, they'll eat the flakes as they fall to the ground, or whatever else you feed the other fish.

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