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Do the Yankees buy their players or do the Red Sox?

Becket/ Schilling/ Gagne/ Matsuzaka/ Crisp/ Rimerez/ Ortiz/ Lugo /Lowell/ Cora/ Okajima/ Drew/ Hinske/ Snyder/ Tavárez/ Cash/ Kielty


17 of the Red Sox' 25 man roster are batters/pitchers from other teams leaving 8 farm system Red Sox...

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    You're missing the point. When people talk about the Yankees "buying players" they are referring to the process of simply outbidding other teams to acquire the biggest free agents on the market... i.e.

    Jason Giambi - 7 years/$120 million,

    Mike Mussina - 6 years/$88 million,

    Roger Clemens - 1 year/$28 million,

    Andy Pettitte - 1 year/$16 million,

    Johnny Damon - 4 years/$52 million

    The Yankees got Abreu for next to nothing because they were the only team willing to take on his salary. Same with A-Rod although they actually gave up something to get him

    As for the Red Sox:

    Josh Beckett was acquired through trade

    Curt Schilling was acquired through trade

    Eric Gagne was acquired through trade

    Coco Crisp was acquired through trade

    Mike Lowell was acquired through trade

    Alex Cora was acquired through trade

    Eric Hinske was acquired through trade

    David Ortiz was signed by the Red Sox for about $1.2 million after the Twins released him in '02.

    Kyle Snyder, Bobby Kielty, and Kevin Cash are completely irrelevant

    Yes, they signed Manny, Dice-K, Lugo, and Drew to big contracts, but Lugo and Drew were just overpaid.

    Here's another list for you:














    All came from other teams

    So I'm not quite sure what your point is.

    Both teams obviously "buy" players but that's simply because they have the two highest payrolls in the league. Keep in mind though the reason the Red Sox have increased their payroll is simply to keep up with the Yankees insane spending habits. Same with the Orioles and Blue Jays.

    The reason most people only talk about the Yankees doing it is because they've been doing it much longer and because they hand out (or take on, in A-Rod's case) some of the most outrageous contracts in sports.

    Put it this way: The Yankees are paying Roger Clemens (a 45 year old pitcher) $28 million to pitch 4 months for them. The Tampa Bay Devil Rays ENTIRE PAYROLL for the year is $24 million.

    That's why people hate them.

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    stable question and that i've got a query as properly that i've got been death to comprehend the answer to, why is anybody so hung up on the purple Sox prevailing this year while they have merely as many if not greater pitching themes than the Yankees do? How come no person is asserting something approximately their pitching problems like they are the Yankees? i'm not a Yankees fan yet i've got heard approximately adequate of the Yankees have pitching problems while they even have not got many pitching problems.

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    They both do in my opinion. But when you have the money that both teams generate your able to do that. No salary cap in baseball means the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Their is a distinct hierchy in baseball and until there is a cap which there probably won't be expect the Yankees and Sox to keep spending hope this helps.

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    Red Sox Yankees Mets Braves Angels are all guilty of that.

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    well they both do !!! the yankees on the other hand are trying to buld there pitching staff through the farm system now so they are trying to change they ways of buying/trading for success . Also lets not forget about the Patriots in football as well as the Redskins ....

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    by far the red sox. the yankees have about half of their 25 man roster of players from their farm system. they have gone away from the sheffields and randy johnsons of the league and have moved to the andy phillips and phil hughes'. the red sox are still trading and signing the big players who blow 3 saves for them.

  • Nothing wrong with buying players, as long as your team wins the World Series.

    If you buy players and don't win the World Series, then you need a new GM or you need an owner that needs to learn to, as the kids say, STFU!

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    Yankees seem to, but reality is that most of their roster consists of home grown talent.

    Boston has far fewre organizational pawns at the MLB level

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    yankees used to, but currently its the red sox. yankees are now using their farm system and red sox are just getting people to help them lose.

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    Am a Yankee fan i don't like that thing team buy players i just think they do what they think its best for their team.

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