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Kate asked in HealthWomen's Health · 1 decade ago

birth control, need help!?

i have decided that i should go on the pill since my boyfriend and i are now sexually active.

so when i got to the doctors and ask, what does the doc do to you? does he get you to get dressed up in a gown and check you below the waist or what? im sorta nervous!

Help please! Thanks!

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    You should not have to have a pelvic exam or pap smear in order to get birth control, but you may have a hard time finding a doctor who will prescribe without them. It's just up to the doctor.

    Pelvic exams and pap smears don't have anything at all to do with whether it is safe for you to be prescribed hormonal birth control. Neither the US Food and Drug Administration, the World Health Organization,Planned Parenthood Association, or the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists believe that a pelvic exam or pap smear should be required for hormonal birth control. According to WHO,a pelvic exam for contraceptives (including monthly injectables) is a Category C. That is "does not contribute substantially to the safe and effective use of the contraceptive method."

    Planned Parenthood has a program called HOPE that was created specifically for women who want birth control without pap smears or pelvic exams:


    The only test required is a blood pressure check.

    There is considerable evidence that requiring pelvic exams or pap smears for birth control is unethical and does considerable harm by making it harder for young women to get the contraception they need:


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    Yes, you may need a pap test....nothing to worry about though.

    I didnt get one before i got my pills, but all i did was a urine test as well. It was better that way for me, so ask if you can do just that.

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    he may want to do a pap smear. when i went all the doctor did was take a urine sample i don't remember for what and then perscribe my pills.

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