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Insect Bite? or Sting ?

I was outside about a week ago walking on the grass and then i felt some kind of bite or sting not sure. but it was the worst pain I have ever felt. it got swollen really fast and i was in pain for the rest of the night and i couldnt walk on it , now a week later its itchy and it hurts too and where i was stung or biten its a pink/red hard dot I can feel inside... what should i do ?


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    This is difficult to answer with out actually being able to see the amount of redness. However there are two possibilities that I can think of at the moment or maybe a combo of both. One, you could have stepped on something that is now lodged in your skin. In medical terms this would be called a foreign body. Your body doesn't want it there and recognizes that it shouldn't be there so is having an inflammatory reaction. Or two, you are experiencing an infection in the skin where bacteria have been introduced secondary to something passing through the skin like the case of an insect bite. If it is an infection then the only treatment is antibiotics so you will need to seek medical attention. If it is a foreign body you may also want to seek medical attention to have it removed as it will probably continue to bother you.

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    Sounds like it might be an allergic reation. I am highly allergic to insect bites, so bad that I'm supposed to give myself shots, and could even go into anaphylactic shock..Sucks huh. I had a bruised knot on my leg where I got bit by ants. I sometimes use Benadryl pills, Benadryl/ Calamine ointment/lotion also. Since its been a week and your still having problems I'd have it checked out by our doctor.

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    put some ice on it, cover it up and talk to a doctor

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    umm talk to a doctor?

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