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how can I stop sweaty palms?

I get sweaty palms easily. Even from doing nothing, I could get sweaty palms. It happens more often when I hold somebody's hands. I don't want to use botox injections. is there a solution for this? Thanks.


also, i sometimes have sweaty feet too.

Update 2:

I don't want any surgery either.

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    we have the same problem... I have sweaty hands either.. it causes when im nervous, stressed, and when I hold my friends hand, it gets sweaty.. what I always do is that I always wash my hands.. in the case of of your feet, we have the same problem, it gets sweaty easily.. I just wear my socks...


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    There is a permant solution to it. it is a operation done by a neuro surgeon which will make a small incision underneath the arm pit and cut some nerve to stop the sweating from occuring. I would recommend you to call the Day surgery centre for recommendation regarding about the cost and which surgeon to recommend. I believe you should atleast by confirm by a specialist regarding the diagnosis and other treatment option.

    if you need some referal, i could help.

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