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Rate My Fantasy Football Team Please!!!?

First time for me doing fantasy football. I've done baseball before and decided to give football a try. Fortunately I lucked out with the first pick (L.T. haha). Pleases give me your thoughts. This draft had 10 teams,18 rounds, and is listed by postion.

QB-Tony Romo

QB-Matt Hasselbeck

RB-LaDanian Tomlinson

RB-Edgerrin James

RB-Ahman Green

RB-Ladell Betts

RB-Vernand Morency

WR-Steve Smith

WR-Calvin Johnson

WR-T.J. Houshmandzadeh

WR-Santonio Holmes

WR-Jerricho Cotchery

WR-Ted Ginn Jr.

TE-Kellen Winslow

TE-Marcus Pollard

TE-Alex Smith

K-David Akers

D-Baltimore Ravens

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  • Ergg
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    1 decade ago
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    10/'s tough to beat LTs team even when he doesn't have any supporting cast...your team would be tough to beat even if you took LT out and put Addai in...great draft.

    RBs-good depth...LT, James, Green, Betts all great backs...but there are better #2 out there.

    WRs-Smith and Housh-elite...Calvin, Holmes and Cotchery...out of those 3, one of them should have a good year

    QB-Romo is great starter and Hasselbeck is an above average backup.

    TE-Winslow is good enough

    K-Akers will be fine

    D-Baltimore is a top 2

    Overall - A+...This team should have any trouble winning it all.

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    Anytime you have LaDanian Tomlinson, your team is going to be in good shape. Some people are saying they dislike your QB selection--but you have two solid(not spectacular) quarterbacks who you can use to play matchups. Quarterbacks are overrated in fantasy football.

    I'm not big on Edgerrin James but he isn't a bad pick at the turn. Whoever suggested you get TO probably doesn't realize you can't waive a magic wand and get whatever players you ask for. Smith, TJ and Johnson/Holmes is a great receiving corps and you should be a lock for the playoffs if LT stays healthy.

    Source(s): Myself, back-to-back fantasy titles
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    You did pretty well, having the 1st pick isn't quite the plessing most think it is. I would get rid of Ginn Jr., Morency, and Holmes as they don't offer too much to your team even in a back up role. Your TE's have some potential, Winslow is awesome and will carry most teams by himself. Look for guys like Jerry Porter, Kevin Curtis, and Greg Olsen on FA, especially Olsen to swap with Smith.

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    scale of 1-10 id give u a 8 romo pretty good might have some mistakes like last seasron tho lt is excellent calvin johnson might not get much playing time considering that he is a rookie and all so us tj baltimores d is second best in the league overall a well put together team

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    your bench sucks and tampa bay's defense is suspect. you forget they play in the nfc south with carolina and atlanta. look at the offensive players on those team. there is a lot of points they are going to give up in the those games. none of your bench players are going to do anything for you. maybe bledsoe. for the most part they are either coming off injuries or under performers. so your best case scenario is to hope none of your starters get hurt. mcnabb plays in the nfc central and doesnt have good receivers or a decent back. boldin is great, moss was great, mason wont give u big numbers. johnson is great. bush will be great. witten plays in dallas were terry glenn will get most of the balls and stats. so the starters look pretty good.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I find it hard to got LT, and then drafting 20th, 21st and 40th and 41st you got Edge, Steve Smith, Calvin Johnson and Houzhamama? Was this a league of 2-year olds you're up against?

  • 1 decade ago

    Nice team! I don't really like Romo or Hasselbeck, not stud QB's but they'll go along nice with the rest of your squad!

  • Isaac
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    1 decade ago

    QB = 7.5

    RB = 9.5

    WR= 9

    TE = 6

    K = 7

    Def= 10

    try not to have a good bench and good starters... focus on having great starters and a decent bench

    over-all I give it an 9

  • 1 decade ago

    Id say 8.5/10 i would have gotten a better qb, and i would have added T.O. to the wr's. But other wise its pretty good.

  • 1 decade ago

    your team look very good a solid 9 out of 10 (no one get a ten because someone will get hurt)

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