What is the most legal, sober, non-sexual fun that you have ever had?

(To those who may say fun under such restrictions ain't possible, I say... get a life..)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I was going to say the day that my best friend Lucy and i went sky diving..

    landed on the top of a mountain and then skied the entire way down with one ski a piece... ended up in the lodge with two strangers.. handsome guys they were... drinking hot coco until we decide to go back to their rooms.. but that involves sex... and it is for the most part completely untrue...

    so i will pick a reality based fun time..

    the day it had stopped raining after like 7 days straight.. jj wanted to get out of the house. so we decided to take a walk down the dirt road beside the house..

    i walked a little further ahead than she did..

    she asked me if she could touch the mud, i reluctantly said 'yes'

    when all of a sudden i felt a cold 'splat' on the back of my neck....

    game on baby... we had a mud fight for almost an hour.. i think i have picts to go along with that.. I'll have to look..

    i had soo much fun that day.. child like fun is always the best!!!!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well, you just want to take the fun out of it...but, tossing Bop-Bag Yogi's and Fred Flinstone across two tops of a 6 story building while it was underconstruction on a Full Moon Night...Oh, yeah, there were pumpkins involved, but they just went straight down, and not to mention the VW Bug that 'accidentally' became covered in snow and a buick re-built 4 stories up with it's top chopped and jazzed nicely.

    But, just think what it could have been without the restrictions!

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    Several years ago some friends, that I had known since College days, got together to visit another friend in Connecticut, that lived walking distance to the beach..So 5 of us, got together and drove out there

    We had so much fun..talking about old times, friends that we had known, and what had become of them..What # marriage so and so was on..Who actually followed up with their career intentions..

    Then all of a sudden, I looked up, and saw someone looking at us through the window..Two of us screamed.. jumped up from whatever we were sitting on, both got stuck trying to make it through a hallway opening, that was made for one person to get through at a time..We all laughed about it later..but it was one of those things..that you had to be there to see..

    What had happened the gal, who had owned the place invited someone we knew, as a surprise to stop by and surprise us..That was some surprise to say the least lol! The next morning we all took a walk to the beach..We had a great time..

    And it was legal, sober, non sexual..

  • 1 decade ago

    Sky diving!

    Going jet skiing with two of my friends. We all hopped on this jet ski (three of us) and went as fast as we could one way (80kmp/h) then all of a sudden would turn. The jet ski would snap the backside out and we'd all go flying hah. It hurt SO bad. I got winded and bruised (as you could imagine hitting the water at 80kmp/h not once but several times) but i had SO much fun!!

    My friend and I when we were young would go to the movies in our slippers every friday night! We would go to the shop, get ridiculous amounts of junk food and go see a movie. (This was ages ago, but i remember that being soo much fun)

    I still find it strange that people created things Like drugs and alcohol to alter people's reality.

    Everytime I have a drink I just keep thinking this is absolutely weird. Life is full of so many wonderful things you don't need a substance to make it fun!!

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  • poplar
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    4 years ago

    One time a girl pal of mine and that i've got been conversing approximately streaking (the action picture "previous college" had basically come out). I dared her to do it. It replaced into 3am and this replaced right into a liberal college city, so she stripped down bare. I stripped bare too and we walked round her community bare. Then we sat on her porch bare and smoked joints til 5 am. some human beings drove by using, and one guy yelled at her that she appeared sturdy bare, yet no one afflicted us. a girl walking residing house from a occasion got here by using and asked for a mild and talked to us for a jiffy mutually as we've been nevertheless bare. college cities are cool! It replaced into an extremely cool casual nude adventure.

  • 1 decade ago

    Ballroom dancing at the Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica. It is the most fantastic fun one could ever ask for. Every third Sunday from 6pm to 10pm and it is Free!

  • 1 decade ago

    My friends and I went to a playground one night and played sardines. It's hide and seek, only one person hides and everyone goes looking for them. When they find the person, the finder hides with them, untill only one person is left. then the last person hides. It's very amusing when the person at the bottom of the slide refuses to get out and everyone inches down the slide with someone's feet on their back,lol. Then when another friend arrived, he left his car running and locked the keys inside. So we sat on the hood and looked at the stars while we waited for his dad to drop off an extra key. No drugs, alochol, sex, or broken laws were invloved.

  • 1 decade ago

    Driving a Big Rig, Your are up higher than the cars and you see all kinds of funny things in the cars that go by.

    Riding a motorcycle. You feel so free, it is almost like your flying.

    Boony crashing!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Dancing, going to a concert or playing computer games. Oh, I really like TV on DVD, It's a lot of fun to watch.

  • Linda
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    1 decade ago

    I went to an Areosmith concert recently, that was great fun, sober, legal and non-sexual fun at its best.

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