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What does anyone think about the Toronto Maple Leafs changing their name to the ''Toronto Tornadoes?''

It's a more powerful sounding name than the ''Maple Leafs''.

Or another possible good name for them would be the ''Toronto Mavericks''. Don't you think?


I’d like to say that it was the original six, not the original 8. As for bionic_ Canadian who said it’s like a soccer fan who watched their first NHL game-pardon me but I hate soccer because they hardly score any goals [BORING], and secondly, I’ve been watching hockey since I met my husband 26 years ago…not only that, I was well versed in the two conferences, and knew of EVERY TEAM IN EACH OF THE FOUR DIVISIONS.- NOW THERE ARE 6 DIVISIONS. I EVEN KNEW OF MANY OF THE PLAYERS ON EACH OF THE TEAMS. p.s. My husband used to ask me to jot down every day [24 years ago] all the statistics that was listed on our local t.v. station after the previous night’s games ,such as each team that won, the shots on goal, the goalie who played that night, the score , and who scored and who assisted, My husband would then use this information to predict who was going to win the cup in those years. He correctly predicted the Islanders 4 wins in a row. Then as they fell as a legendary hockey team, my husband

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chose to like the New Jersey Devils and predicted some of their Stanley Cup winnings.

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No we don’t have Tornadoes in Toronto, but does the Calgary Flames have a problem with fires in their city…any Canadian team can call themselves The Maple Leafs or The Canadians, ie). The Edmonton Canadians or The Vancouver Maple Leafs. The last time Toronto won the Stanley Cup was in 1967 – that was 40 years ago..that’s pathetic.

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The point I am trying to make is that a tougher sounding name might help the team win…Some examples of tougher sounding team names are: Colorado Avalanches {one of my other favorite teams], New Jersey Devils, Tampa Bay Lightning, Florida Panthers and San Jose Sharks, and Calgary flames [another one of my favorite teams]- all of which could kill and the names could intimidate other teams. When other teams are about to face the Toronto Maple Leafs, they probably laugh their heads off and say to themselves, “this will be easy’’.

Dear bionic_ Canadian, I bet you I know more about hockey than you do…go ahead and email me a question…I most probably know the answer.

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I will side with my husband and never be a leaf fan again, they are a has-been team that will never WIN in a million years, [never mind CHANGE THEIR NAME in a million years]. I used to call my husband a traitor for having a different favorite team than our home city team. My two favorite teams are now Colorado Avalanche and Calgary Flames. P.s. I think I'll stick to watching THE RAPTORS

or The Phoenix Suns...I bet you ******** never even heard of those ''hockey'' teams. hahahaha. Tennis anyone?

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This question was asked only in the most of you, get a life.

Update 8:

duh...changing the Montreal Canadiens to The Montreal Americans is quite possible if they sell their

team to the city of Montreal in Wisconsin or to the city of Montreal in Missouri, U.S.A. So they could then change their name to The Montreal Americans, just as the Quebec Nordiques moved to the states and are now the Colorado Avalanche.

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    See its people like this that make me want to drop this: More and More!!

    For the ppl saying you cant change the name of an original 6 member... The Leafs ahve changed their name before ya know .... Toronto St. Pats ring a bell to anyone? no? well then... look it up!

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    i could attempt to do some thing like Dave Dombroski did for the Tigers (i comprehend it quite is a various game even even with the shown fact that it works notably much the comparable way). First, i could decide for a sturdy veteran participant who's additionally a sturdy chief, some thing like a Brendan Shanahan yet with a pair greater years left than him. He could have the skill to help the team win and practice the greater youthful men. next, i could positioned a good variety of concentration on drafting. The mark of a sturdy franchise in any game is a ideal point team with men that got here throughout the time of the device. i'm uncertain how Toronto has drafted interior the previous yet, it is in basic terms a huge gamble, seeing how they have performed these days it may no longer have been too sturdy. in some unspecified time interior the destiny, there could be a surplus of youthful gamers, it somewhat is a sturdy sign which you're drafting nicely. At that factor, i could deal some gamers for a guy or 2 that could desire to take us over the ideal and get the Leafs to the Cup. As for training, i'm uncertain what i could do with Maurice. he's had some sturdy factors yet i'm uncertain if the down factors are him or a made from undesirable gamers. i could keep him around for slightly to work out if it substitute into one or the different. If it quite is him, i could hearth him and employ somebody who will win. If it is not him, then I keep him till he desires to depart.

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    Nope,. and you gave a good reason WHY they shouldn't. Why have a fearsome name when you don't have a fearsome team? I think the DUCKS need to change their name if you want to talk about not being fearsome. When it was Mighty Ducks, as much as people didn't like the Disney reference, it was a more fierce idea. Now though a Duck on ice? Come on. That's why I like my Penguins name. Penguins and Ice go together. Actually the Flames is silly. First for the fact they came from Atlanta(what IDIOT named them Flames and associated the hockey team to Sherman's March?) and second Flames would MELT ice. That's kinda a silly name to a sport that needs ice. Although they might always frighten Montreal teams since Wanders barn burned down and caused the team to fold so shortly after it started.

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    Maple Leaf is Canadian, like the Montreal Canadiens or Vancouver Canucks, don't change it to something generic that any city could have, if they did it would make it so much easier to sell the team and move it south.

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    No matter what you call them it will sound better than the Hab-NOTS.. Canadiens is SUCH an original name.. It sucks just like the team. The Leafs will always stay the Leafs.. that's fine by me. The Leafs will always be Canada's team.. Not those fakers in Montreal.

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    I'm a Flyers fan but I like the Toronto Maple Leafs too much to change their name or their colors.

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    The name "Maple Leafs" has been around longer than some U.S. states and some Canadian provinces. The maple leaf is a Canadian symbol, it's on the Canadian flag. It stays.

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    Are you kidding? The Maple Leafs are the NHL's original! Without the Maple Leafs, all the Canadiens would cry. So would I because we (the Sabres) would have no one to use as our doormat anymore!!

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    And change over 75 years of tradition to some common name like the "Tornadoes?" I'd rather go through another 40 years of a Cup-less drought than have that.

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    No, I don't agree with you at all. That sounds about as smart as "Gary Bettman". In other words, it's a very, VERY dumb idea. There is such a rich history behind the name, and having it changed to the tornadoes???? There are no tornadoes in Toronto! The Mavericks???? Toronto isn't part of the Wild Wild West! NOT a good idea at ALL. Well, maybe when pigs fly....


    Hey guys, maybe the Montreal Canadiens should change their name to the Montreal Americans? lmao!!!

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