I cant access my yahoo id, when i clicked on forget password/id and i type my user id i get the "FEATURE_ERROR_USER_OPEN_NO_ACCESS" message. Anybody have any idea why this is happening. It is very important and i have got lot of important messages. Please help. SOS

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  • Skyn3t
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    1 decade ago
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    At first i tried to login into my messenger but i was not able to login, then i tried at the website, there also it was not working

    When i tried the forgot password link and entered my id, i also happen to get the same error, seems like Yahoo! is migrating some accounts or maybe they are doing something which they dont want us to know

    The operation which Yahoo! is doing, is still in progress and accounts are being unlocked, well my id's are unlocked and i am able to login using the same old password

    The error "FEATURE_ERROR_USER_OPEN_NO_AC... means

    FEATURE_ERROR - the feature from Yahoo! which you are trying to use for that particular ID is unavailable

    USER_OPEN - the user ID which you are trying to reset the password cannot be opened for recovery

    NO_ACCESS - currently you cannot be allowed access to the specified user ID

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    I had exactly the same problem since today.

    Do the following to recover ur email:

    1. In sign in page go to "Forget your ID or password?"

    2. Now click on "I don't know my Yahoo! ID"

    3. Enter ur required details in next page. In 2nd option, enter the Yahoo ID of yours and Click on "Get NEW Password"

    Now if u entered correct details, ur password shud be reset and now login using that and change ur password.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    i'm interior the U.S. and these days SBCYahoo has been notably much unusable so some distance as e mail is going. For the final 2 weeks, i've got had e mail complication on a daily basis. For the final week, i've got been no longer able to get entry to my e mail for a minimum of a million/2 an hour on a daily basis. Log-in issues. would be unable to apply my e mail. sluggish loading issues. some unknown mailer/spammer/malicious some thing has hijacked certainly one of my unused sub-debts, even with my cancelling that account with sbcyahoo. the different day I had dozens of fantastic emails--that everyone have been given throughout the time of the unsolicited mail clear out, yet valid e mail did no longer. do no longer desire to call client care. The final time I did, over a billing subject--and that they have been incorrect--the individuals I spoke to have been so impossibly impolite to me. changing ISPs is a genuine soreness. They comprehend that. yet another subject: I pay for yahoo centers. yet I could desire to place up with advertisements with flashing multi-coloured lights that reason me to be unwell. We purchasers deserve greater suitable than what they hand us. If we did no longer pay and pronounced "oh, it somewhat is errors code 5, wait yet another day or 2" they constructive does not like it. definite, i'm bored stiff.

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    My problem is RESOLVED by hit and trials.

    Try using following URL:


    Actually, our yahoo accounts were created assuming us as USA residents. So yahoo searches login information in database specific to India, when you try to login.

    So when it said-"Invalid id or password", I changed the word "india" to "us" in the new URL. This time it worked.



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