What can I do with unused Tea bags that are past their "Best Before" Date?

I don't want to just throw it in the garbage. How can I make it work for the environment? Compost? Fertilizer? do I just dump the leaves on the soil?


What else are old tea bags used for?

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    Go ahead and boil your tea bags. Cut them open and use the tea leaves as compost around plants like roses and azalea bushes. Then you can use the unsweet tea to water house plants. Let it cool first - as not to burn the roots.

    Source(s): My Grandmother(it always worked for her.)
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    Forget the expiration date...your tea just will not have quite the gusto than if you had used it timely. Tea bags are not something to be feared if their date has expired. It does not have the same "consequences" as expired dairy or meat products. Use more than one bag to get the desired taste or use the bags to make sun tea. Sun tea will bring out the best in your expired bags. When through with the bags, they go great in a worm compost bin or any other type of compost bin. Expired tea bags will not harm yur body. They are just like old herbs...use them up only use a little more for the desired taste.

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    Acid-loving plants (like citrus and azaleas) will love them. Just cut them open, and dump them on the surface around the plants. Otherwise, stick them in the compost pile -- if they have those little staples, be sure to cut them off, but I think it's OK to have the paper as part of the compost.

    You can also use them as eye packs, or make a really strong tea to rinse your hair. And you can still compost them!

    Also, "best before" dates don't mean you can't drink it. Try it -- it might still be good. But if the flavor is off, toss it immediately.

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    Tea can be used for all sorts of things! The tannin in tea can be used for many things. Brew some up really strong for an awesome meat tenderizer (season meat as usual) and marinate in strong tea. Steep the tea bags and use on insect stings, poison oak/ivy, etc. to soothe itching. Soak stinky feet in strong brewed tea. Ferns love the tea leaves after they have been brewed.

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    5 years ago

    Generally food is good for about a week past a "sell by" date. The bread should be fine. I would get more leary when it comes to thinks like dairy products and meats. Just take a smell, feel it, and if it doesn't look right don't eat it!!

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    If you have a toothache or you ve had tooth pulled and you have pain, press a damp tea bag on the area several times a day and rinse your mouth with water. This really does draw out whatever is causing the pain. I did this when I had a tooth pulled and the pain was worse than before the tooth was pulled. It did draw out a nasty piece of tissue and the pain was gone.

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    unused tea bags date

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    I would not be afraid to use them. They are unopened aren't they? It is a myth that most foods have an expiration date. Milk is bad when its bad not because its 2 days past the date.

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    cut the bags open and dump it on your yard,it's the same as grass clippings since both are plants

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    throw them in your compost. they break down pretty good.

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