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Diff between a wireless access point and a router?


I don't know what a WAP really does

or the point of a router in a wireless network


so does every computer in a wireless network need a WAP to work in addition to the WNIC?

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    A Wireless access point is a wireless extension to a network. You only need one wireless access point to connect multiple wireless NICs in laptops and desktops. A router is simply a device that allows computers to access the internet. A router routes data from your LAN to the outside world which is called a WAN. In short, a WAP connects your wireless devices and pushes that data through a router or switch to find the destination.

    If you are not planning on using the internet and just want a way to connect multiple wireless devices to each other, then a Wireless Access Point would work just fine. This would only deliver traffic within your own LAN.

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    basically a wap & router are the same. the wap & router both connect to a wired network (such as the main point of entrance - portal - into the home or business) & relay data to wireless devices.

    but when i hear the term "router" i usually think of networking in the home environment where there is generally only one WAP to connect all the computers there.

    when i hear the term "wireless access point" i think of a device that does the same thing a router does but on a wider scale such as for corporate use which could involve attaching several WAPs to a wired network and then providing wireless access to the office Local area network. in other words, it can be used to connect networks to networks). i hope this helps.

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    A router basically takes data from one source, such as the wall socket, and routes it to a destination, which can be a computer or a Wireless Access Point, which in turn transforms the data into a wireless signal and passes it on to the destination.

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