Why don't u believe???????

Why do so many of u believe there isn't a God? What makes u think He isn't real? Why do u continuely disagree with the fact? Have u studied the area? Why do believe we came from an explosion? What made the matter that made that little dot that the explosion came from to make all this? How could everything as we know it come from an explosion? If we evolved from monkeys, why aren't monkeys still evolving????

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    You are definitely new here

    but for the sake of your rant, I'll answer all your questions.

    "Why do so many of u believe there isn't a God?"

    You happened to be a christian(I would presume) so you know how it feel like to disbelief in Zeus, Allah, Krishna, Thor, Vishnu and other gods, that's how atheist and some non-christians feel about your god.

    "What makes u think He isn't real?"

    Absence of evidence

    "Why do u continuely disagree with the fact?"

    define fact, because I define fact as something that has evidence.

    "Have u studied the area?"

    I have, but I don't actually need too, just like I don't need to be a mathematician to know that 1+1=42 doesn't exist.

    "Why do believe we came from an explosion?"

    I don't believe but rather I know for fact(based on evidence) that we came from the big bang, you don't need to be an atheist to believe in the big bang.

    "What made the matter that made that little dot that the explosion came from to make all this?"

    Time/space started to exist after the big bang, the singularity were everything came from was already unbounded by time, space, and cause and effect.

    "How could everything as we know it come from an explosion?"

    Hubble constant, Cosmic microwave background radiation...Umm read a science book, just don't take my word for it.

    "If we evolved from monkeys, why aren't monkeys still evolving????"

    WOW, first of all we didn't came from monkeys but we share common ancestors with them, second the theory of evolution does not say that an ancestor specie must go extinct when a descendant evolves. In fact, in an unchanging environment, stabilizing selection would tend to keep an organism largely unchanged. Many environments around today are not greatly different from environments of millions of years ago. see Tuatara, Coelacanth and other living fossils for examples.

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    Why *do* you believe??????? You ask this question of us as though it's unimaginable, but think about it. You believe in something you cannot see and yet cannot understand how people are skeptical...

    I think he isn't real because, after the Bible was written, he vanished. Where is he? If god is some other god, not of the Bible, where is he/she/it? Hmm?

    If by explosion you mean the "big bang", it is a sound scientific theory. It may not be true, but it is at least not based on complete guessing but on observable fact ( galaxies are moving away from each other, for example).

    The little dot is called a singularity. Look it up, or ask about it in the science section.

    Monkeys are still evolving. As are we. Evolution is slow. S-L-O-W!

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    1 decade ago

    You tell me why you don't believe that Odin and Zeus are real, and then apply that to your god. It really is the the same thing

    The Big Bang is not the start of the matter or energy (which are just different forms of the same thing) It was only the start of the Universe as we know it. The stuff that made it was always here.

    We didn't evolve from monkeys. Monkeys and humans are still evolving. Email me if you want some examples, but there are plenty, most notably humans are much taller.

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    Basically, I don't believe in the god spoken of in the Bible because he is represented as being morally repugnant and/or completely insane.

    The Bible, as it is often interpreted, indicates that people who do not believe in Jesus will be sent to hell. However, there are tons and tons of people in this world that do not believe in Jesus and who are very decent and kind. These people do not hurt other people and often live lives that are much better than many people that DO believe in Jesus.

    In addition, there is no real evidence that Jesus was divine, that Jesus rose from the dead, or that Jesus ever existed. Likewise, there is no evidence at all for the existence of Jehovah.

    Any god that would send people to hell simply because they didn't believe in something when there is no evidence that it exists is either evil or insane. This is doubly true when the people that would be sent to hell are perfectly normal, kind people.

    As for whether or not people "came from an explosion"...

    That really has nothing to do with the existence of any particular god. Even if you reject the idea of the Big Bang and Evolution, that still wouldn't mean that your god created anything or existed. Any god could have created everything that exists. Its even quite possible that everything was created by a god that has no real interest in humanity and who has never contacted any human at any time, and therefor, would be completely unknown to you.

    The idea that humans are sooooo important to god is really a ridiculously egotistical notion that has become so wide-spread simply because humans tend to be extremely egotistical.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's not that I don't believe in God, I do. However, I categorically reject organized religion, particularly in my beloved United States.

    It has consistently proven to absurd, sexist, racist, bigoted and generally useless when dealing with the problems of modern society. It is the provence of individuals who are selfish, greedy, hostile to women and inclined to keep as many people in ignorance and superstition as possible.

    The bitterest pill for the unthinking is the fact that God is an absentee landlord who forgot about mankind ions ago. The very fact that he created man to fill the void in his life suggests that he is not alone, otherwise, how could be experience loneliness?

    Nothing is more amusing than the argument against evolution. Fools. The very fact the word "Evolution" existed at the time Darwin wrote his treatise suggests that mankind was vaguely aware of the concept. You know, the way a few were vaguely aware that the earth wasn't flat 500 years ago, and that earth wasn't the center of the universe.

    There isn't evolution? Explain why people are taller, smarter, and live longer just in the last 100 years. Stop fixating on simians. The are similar to **** sapiens, but not the same thing.

    Get real. You experience God every time you look at the stars, a sunset, etc. Praying for the angel of death to come and kill pagans is typical of unevolved and primitive thinking.

  • Jeef
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    1 decade ago

    you seem to not understand science... you must be like 12 or something.

    1. there is no proof.

    2. there is no proof.

    3. it's not a fact.

    4. yes i have.

    5. because it's logical.

    6. who knows. if you want to use that boring old arguement, what made the god that made the little dot.

    7. because explosions results from expanding. implosions make things smaller. therefore, if something very small explodes with enough force, it can become something very large.

    8. just because one specimen of a species evolves, doesnt mean they all do. if what you said was true, all humans would be of the same race, and all humans would have the same birth defects. evolution only requires one specimen of a species to have a gene mutation, and then their children will have a chance to aquire that mutation. if it is a successful mutation, then the new species will survive. if it is bad, the old will survive. if both are good, both species will survive, such as in our case.

    Source(s): p.s... i'm not even sure if you're serious about this... with how uneducated it was and all... sorry if i went overboard, thinking you were serious.
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    1 decade ago

    First off I do believe in God. the real one..not the christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu or Islamic one.

    Second you don't have any facts by any means of how the word facts is defined.

    Third why do you assume God is a he? Kinda vain to think God would even be human-like.

    Fourth you are proof that "we evolved from monkeys" because you seem to lack all understanding of Evolution yet dispute it. Until you know SOMETHING about it you really don't have a valid opinion about it. It doesn't say we evolved from monkeys. It says monkeys and humans evolved from a common ancestor (fun real fact is that our genes are over 99% identical to monkeys). This is like you and your cousin both being decended from your grandparent. As opposed to the humans evolved from monkeys which is the same as saying you decended from your cousin. See how it doesn't fit?

    We took one path of growth..they took another.

  • 1 decade ago

    To answer your questions in order:

    1. Because there is no god

    2. Lack of evidence

    3. What fact? There is no "fact" that god exists (see answer above)

    4. Yes

    5. Evidence verifies the "big bang", which by the way was not an explosion

    6. It didn't, see above

    7. We didn't evolve from monkeys. Monkeys are still evolving (and so is every other creature on this planet).

  • Louise
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    1 decade ago

    You are ignorant and your question is not really worth an answer. However I am drunk and will answer you anyway with what is probably a useless answer, but who cares? There is no evidence to suggest a God of any kind exists. Without evidence, any sane person believes there is no God. What made the God that made the universe then? Another God, or do you think God just is? Believe what you want anyway, are you asking a question or trying to see how many people agree with your crazy way of thinking?

  • 1 decade ago

    The same question can be asked about God. How can people believe in something that can not be proven. A magical being that no person has or ever will see creates everything. You dont believe in Superman do you. God and Superman are the same because we human beings have vivid imaginations that allow us create anything our minds tell us to. Except Superman had to pay taxes when he was Clark. Its just not realistic is it?

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