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I need new anime (like Death Note)?

I loved Death Note, Darker than Black and Mushishi. Any Suggestions?

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    dark anime?? not too sure but how about:

    how about:

    trinity blood



    elfen lied

    innocent venus



    yeah!! these are some really good ones that are categorically similar to death note. they are really good^^

    you can also try angel sanctuary and descendants of darkness ^^

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    hmmm..... zombie loan? i liked that series.... its bout a girl named kita michiru who has shinigami eyes, meaning she can see this dark ring around a person's neck.. if they have the ring they are going to die.. the darker it is the soon the death..she discovers dat 2 of her classmates are zombies that were killed in an accident but they are alive becuz they made a loan with zombie the 2 classmates hunt illegal zombies to pay off their debt.. michiru ends up going with them as a servant to them..

    really good! i recommend it! XD

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    Hmm.....try these shows. I hope you enjoy them:

    Elfen Lied


    Vampire Hunter D


    Wolf's Rain


    Witch Hunter Robin

    Most of these you can watch for free on

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    1 decade ago

    You might like Trinity Blood, it's only 24 episodes...

    Watch it here:

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    Try watching Inuyasha. Its really good.

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    Paranoia Agent

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    elfen lied, full metal alchemist, and GANTZ

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    im not sure but maybe blood +

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