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please, HELP!!!!!!?

I'm 17, 5 foot 4 inches and 190 pounds. I know that I am over weight. I 40 pounds since last november. I work at a call center, so I just sit around at school, then go to work and sit around and eat. I don't get much excercise.

I really want to go back down to at LEAST 150, by december? If that sounds realistic.

Does anyone know of any good diets, diet plans? With strict limitations. I really need to get off fast food, and junk.

I have prom this year, and semi-prom in december. I want to look really good. And not fat.



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    ok, I swear from the bottom of my heart this will work..... can join a gym, etc. etc. Walking!!!!

    and a Low fat intake plan.....

    ok, here goes....

    Women need to stay under 28 grams of fat a day....that is all well and good, but if you don't burn anything off, useless......

    NO CALORIE COUNTING!!! You count Fat Grams only!!

    you know as well as I do, ANYTHING FRIED, is a no no....

    No fast foods of any kind, unless a low fat Subway sub, or salad YOU add dressing can have all the fat free dressing and salad you can eat!!! Limit the cheese on them....

    Everything you normally eat, that is high fat, like mayo, butter, ice cream, sour cream, cottage cheese, etc....Make it Fat Free....yes it is something to get used to....NO SODA POP LOADED WITH SUGAR, anything with High Fructose Corn Syrup is a no no....Whole milk, Cereal high in want results, you gotta read the labels and see what your eating......I guarantee you, I swear, if you become conscience of what your eating, not calories, the FAT, and you Walk!!!!

    start out ten minutes if that's what you have to do...go to the park, SAFELY, be aware, no woods!! walk, and do what I suggest, YOU WILL BURN OFF EVERY BIT YOUR WANTING TOO!!! we can't put before pict's and after pict's on her or I would....Watched a Richard Simmon's deal a meal info, years ago, couldn't afford it. so I though, wait a minute...he's cutting the Fat Grams, not the calories....I can do that myself....After 4 children, and my youngest was in first grade, I did just what I wrote, and the weight MELTED OFF!!! I had ankles!!!! and hip bones!!! I hadn't seen them since I was 18!!! Had my son at 19 and stayed chubby for the next upteen years! Then I made a decision to Do It For ME, and NO ONE ELSE!!! Honey, the compliments came like nothing else!!!! and I was healthy........I even got to the point where I was eating very healthy, and challenged myself to see how few fat grams I was consuming....It is weird at first, reading the packages and all, but in no time, you sort of become really good at it.....And some of the things you love to eat, like pizza, you can have, but just don't eat 5 slices!!!!! It is like exchanging one thing for another.......I went into a store, and tried on pants that I "thought" would possibly fit, and they were too big....I stood there by myself like, wow, I did that???

    Pretty cool let me tell you......

    sorry this is so long. but the way you wrote your question, just seemed like you needed a real person to answer, instead of someone with an eating disorder......did that when I was 16....bulimia or starvation......short lived, but did both, and yes, there is a way to do it right......good luck to you......

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    Use weight watchers. They teach you to eat by points and you can lost up to 3-5 pounds per week if you follow it.

    Source(s): Personal and work.
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    Stop eating all sugary products. walk at least 30 mintues a day (7 days a week) minimum.

    STOP eating 3 hours before bed.

    walk walk walk.

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