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Anyone with empirical or clinical information regarding the long-term effects of Rozerem (Ramelteon)?

The latest work I could find demonstrates sufficiency for short-term application. Its long-term effects remain to be determined:

Authors: Pandi-Perumal, Seithikurippu R. Srinivasan, Venkataramanujan. Poeggeler, Burkhard. Hardeland, Rudiger. Cardinali, Daniel P.

Title: Drug Insight: the use of melatonergic agonists for the treatment of insomnia-focus on ramelteon.

Source: Nature Clinical Practice Neurology. 3(4):221-8, 2007 Apr.


Thanx for answering Sam S :-). I'm not familiar with the acronym CPS in this context. I'm not sure what you mean....But, please pass on anything you find, if you're inclined and it's not too much trouble....

Update 2:

Thanx Jacko! :-) Your link led me to a meditational experience, which may be useful. But, also to a review/report containing relevant info; concerning an FDA clinical trial that assessed subjects, longitudinally (at least, 6 months).

Update 3:

Hiya Mdgreg! Thanx for that. I did look into the garden-variety Melatonin. No clinical value...was investigated in the 90's. Wasn't crazy about the study with only a subject outcome variable....but, nothing done since then...

Update 4:

sorry, I meant "subject-reported outcome variable"

Update 5:

Mdgreg C: Hmmm, interesting. Thanx for looking that up again :-)

But, so, if melatonin "stimulates" M1,2,3 (possibly, M-4) and rozerem is "highly selective" for M1 and M2, I wonder why 'garden variety' melatonin wouldn't produce the same effects as rozerem?

Rozerem is a melatonin agonist, so it would be transformed to its hydroxylated M-II metabolite, but melatonin would merely increase available levels and therefore not have the same effect? Not sure if that makes sense....

Update 6:

available levels of 1,2,3 and 4 that is....

Update 7:

Mdgreg C: I think I worked it out here. Basically, Rozerem's metabolism and pharmacokinetics differ from those of melatonin. And, Rozerem promotes sleep by specifically influencing homeostatic sleep signaling mediated by the suprachiasmatic nucleus.

Update 8:

mdGreg C: Interesting. Thank-you. Strength of binding with M1 and M2 then. Perhaps also greater affinitiy within the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN). Rozerem as a receptor ligand. I wonder, then, would melatonin at least have some beneficial impact on sleep initiation.

BTW, I am unsure whether Rozerem is available in Canada. I have yet to look into that. My GP didn't know of the drug. He listened to my findings in its regard. Once he gets over his ego issues associated with a mere patient (albeit, a frickin' intelligent one) telling him something he doesn't know about, he will likely do more reading or I may need to simply determine whether it is indeed available in Canada. A simple call to the pharmacy perhaps.

Update 9:

Also, that info you gave me regarding doxicyline over private email will be coming in handy. Those gastrointestinal and HA issues? Definitely related to the tetracycline. Long story. Bu, I feel like my mind was in a fog all of last week with those symptoms, but now resolved after discontinuing the tetracyline...So, thanx for that again too!!

Update 10:

Excuse me. I meant: "Boy, I feel like my mind..."

Update 11:

Thanx mdGreg C. It's my anecdote (only) that some side effects grab hold immediately and dissipate with continued ingestion of the causal agent or (if really not tolerable) after a decision to discontinue. Other times, side effects manifest gradually and are almost tolerable for a time, until they are not. But, at that time, given the amount of time passed, the drug is never incited as the culprit. In my experience, many "symptoms" of possible conditions were, in fact, drug-related. So, I say? It can't hurt to switch, at this point. Could, however, be a simple spurious relationship between my discontinuing the drug and feeling A OK. Perhaps. Hopefully, drug-related though (crossing my fingers).

Regarding Rozerem. *Meh*, probably not something I'll bother chasing down. The only problem I have with Imovane is rebound insomnia, which is pretty minor, I guess, particularly relative to the energy or $$$ required to chase down a drug not available in my country. I'm lazy and poor ;-) ;-)

Update 12:

But, thank-you VERY much for the suggestion about overseas pharmacies.

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    I Don't Know of Much, Not that There Couldn't Be Something Long-Term, Maybe Melatonin Will Work Just as Well.

    K, I Looked Again At Rozerem, it was Said to Be "Highly Selective" for MT-1 and MT-2, Melatonin Stimulates MT-1, 2, 3 (I Seem to Remember a MT-4 too), I Got Suspicious.

    K, I Don't Know the Reason, Maybe Because it is "Highly Selective" for MT-1,2 In the SCN, it''s AVIDITY for these Receptors is Much Greater and Stimulates Them Much Longer than Melatonin.

    K, maybe it is the Tetracycline, but I got the Impression You had a Long Track History With it, Suddenly Indicting it, Makes Me Wonder, Maybe Doxycycline Will Serve Adequately In it's Stead, BTW, I Would Expect the Dose to Be Much Lower and Once a Day. About Rozerem, Maybe You Can Find it In Overseas Pharmacies, Online.

    Good Luck Man.

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    4 years ago

    This is a bad idea. Alcohol strips your skin of all moisture. This will make your face put out more oil, and it harms it by robbing it of the oils it needs. Wash with mild soap and clean water. Rinse well, with water. Follow up with toner or astringent (on a cotton ball, not splashing your face with it) to cut excess oil. Use a topical cream for problem areas and use moisturizer a lot. Long term side effects of rinsing with alcohol are bad. Ask a dermatologist if you want to know. I never found out what might happen because that's not something I would do.

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    See www.drugs.com & insomnia treatments, at http://www.ezy-build.net.nz/~shaneris on page 3.

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