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what is the actual percentage rate of a girl become pregnant if shes on bc and had sex without condom?

bc (birth control)

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    She's on the pill?

    According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, when the pill is used properly (taken regularly and ingested), fewer than 1 in 100 women will get pregnant. When used improperly (as in they miss taking a pill here and there or vomit it up and it hasn't absorbed), it rises to 8 in 100 women.

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    The form of situations a pair has intercourse does not be certain no count if a being pregnant happens, however the timing. If she replaced into ovulating for the time of between the situations that they had intercourse, she ought to have become pregnant. If he's under pressure approximately it, it is ordinary and comprehensible. He needs to act decisively, as quickly as achievable, pass to his intercourse companion, and pass to a depended on healthcare expert, or ideally a planned Parenthood medical institution, and get a being pregnant attempt. Then, they should the two get screened for any STD's. till you have the data, you may no longer positioned your thoughts in attitude, and this could be a brilliant form of fireworks over no longer something. as quickly as a being pregnant (or no being pregnant) has been widespread, they should sit down That being reported, your buddy needs to pass on the internet, do a seek for "safer intercourse", and "delivery administration", and start up up utilizing condoms. constantly, each time, till he reaches a point of have confidence and adulthood the place he can pass to a physician with any destiny girlfriends and get expert suggestion approximately greater complete delivery administration.

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    You cannot ever rule out the possiblity, but chances are very, very slim.

    I am on birth control (pill) and take it religiously every night at 9pm. I have been sexually active with my boyfriend for about 6 months. We do not use a condom. I have not had any scares.

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    well if she is corecctly taking birth control then that chances of her becoming pregnant are very very slim. however the problem arises when most girls a careless on taking thier pill on time or sometimes skip days and then become shocked when pregnant you should never skip a pill not one single pill or it will defeat the whole purpose

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    it depends on the dosage of hormones that are in the pill, some work for others and others do not, I was taking yaz and I HAD GOTTEN PREGNANT AND SINCE THE HORMONES ARE RELATIVELY LOW THERE WAS A 2 100 CHANCE OF ME GETTING PREGNANT, ALTHOUGH I WAS TRYING TO AVOID IT, TODAY I AM 39 WEEKS PLUS THREE DAYS, AM I HAPPY??? U BET I AM.

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    I can't tell you the number but I would have to say a very small percentage!

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    Birth control is 99.99% eeffective if used correctly.

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