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PC Game Download?

Anyone know where I can get the full versions of Be Jeweled and Diner Dash for free?


I had tried one dl off bearshare and yes got a minor virus. I figured as much...Thanks guys

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    You can't get the full versions for free because they're not free games... they're trial games.

    There are illegal cracked versions out there but they often come with viruses or malware.

    If you don't have a credit card you can get them from Game Socks with a money order or Paypal.

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    I sure do! But like the previous guy said, it's not 'legit', and it's pretty much stealing.

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    dont worry.. you will get the full version of this game at this site doesnt demo version and get torrent of the crack....

    if you dont know how to use torrent tell me i will download it.

    Source(s): game freak..i have downloaded too many games
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