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Is this the beginning of a Syrian-Israeli conflict.?

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By Alastair Macdonald

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Mystery still shrouds Syria's complaint that Israel bombed its territory but the incident has set nerves jangling across the Middle East, with commentators urging both sides on Friday against an escalation into war.

Egypt, pioneer of Arab-Israeli detente, said Israel was fuelling tension. The Arab League said "unacceptable maneuvers" showed Israeli bad faith toward peace talks in the region -- the United States aims to host a conference soon involving Israel and its neighbors, with a view to resolving Palestinian claims.

"This is the beginning of a Syrian-Israeli conflict," said Sateh Noureddine, columnist with Lebanese newspaper as-Safir. He saw it as a follow-on from Israel's war in Lebanon a year ago.

Within Israel, there was criticism, too. An analyst wrote in the left-leaning Haaretz daily that commanders misunderstood the consequences and risked provoking a "pre-emptive strike

Update 2:

The news story of the incident

Syria shoots at Israeli aircraft in its airspace

Updated Thu. Sep. 6 2007 2:50 PM ET

Associated Press

DAMASCUS, Syria -- Syrian air defenses opened fire on Israeli aircraft after they violated Syrian airspace, Syrian officials said Thursday, sharply elevating cross-border tensions.

The aircraft broke the sound barrier as they flew over northern Syria and "dropped munitions" onto deserted areas overnight after coming under Syrian fire, a military spokesman said, according to the official Syrian Arab News Agency.

The incident is likely to stoke concerns that tensions could lead to military conflict between Syria and Israel, though both countries have repeatedly said in recent months that they do not seek a war.

Update 3:

Link for the above

Syria shoots at Israeli.........

Update 4:

Alias Smith & Jones

There is always more to these stories than we the public get to know about

There is usually about 30 sides to these "incidents" and 100 possible motives from everyone everywhere

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    Not cool - I'll have to read and listen more this evening.

    I wonder how often this sort of thing occurs, actually.

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    Beginning? They've been fighting on and off over Golan Heights since Israel took it from Syria in 1967.

    The fundamental issue in Israeli-Syrian negotiations is the Golan Heights. The Golan Heights, a narrow mountain plateau on Israel’s northeastern border, rises east of the Sea of the Galilee, dominating the Huleh Valley and the entire Galilee region. The 400 plus mile strategic plateau is 7.5-12.5 miles wide and is characterized by steep escarpments overlooking much of northern Israel. The headwaters of the Jordan River and Sea of Galilee are located in the Golan. In December 1981 the Israeli government extended Israeli law to the Golan Heights and Israeli law was extended to the Arab residents who had remained.

    Israel has claimed that this is for military reasons, a buffer zone of sorts. But they are placing more and more settlements in the area.There are now approximately 32 Israeli communities on the Golan, with a population of as much as 17,000. Any Israeli withdrawal will entail the removal or relocation of some or all of these communities and possibly financial compensation to those settlers affected.

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    Not credible.

    The Israeli's had a reason for bombing in Syria. That reason may come out in time, but the idea that planes just showed up to bomb empty desert is just not credible or believable. There was something out there in Syrian territory that disturbed the Israeli's enough to act.

    Despite the lackluster performance of Israeli military and civilian command during the Lebenon thing, the Syrians (and Iranians) should be on their prayer rugs hoping war does not erupt between them and Israel.

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    i dont believe so. im for israel being safe and everything but the syrians couldnt stand up to the israeli military anyways. it would be another war in that region since syria is allied with all the other islamic countries of the region and would jump at the chance to go to war with the jews in israel. but then again israel has US support so anything can happen

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    Well considering that israel and Syria have been in a state of war since 1968.

    seems to me, the conflict never ended.

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    Any Syrian attempt to start a war would be pathetic. They cant fight the Israelis.

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