We've just got new sod on our lawn, and it's been raining, should I still water it?

We live in the central AB, Canada area, and as I said, it's been raining since the sod was laid. I'm not sure if I should still water it a little or how to tell if it's wet enough. Also, since it is late in the year, what other care should we be giving our new lawn? Thanks in advance!

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    Probably you don't need to water if it has been raining.

    from the web site

    Proper watering is the primary key to the success of your new sod. Proper watering will help it get established in it's new environment. You must keep the sod properly watered for the first 4 weeks.

    For more information on watering, please see the Rocky Mountain Sod Growers Association Guide to Installation and Establishment of New Sod in the Landscape.

    During this time, stay off of the sod so that it can take root and you won't sink in. The lawn should never be allowed to dry out in the first two weeks. After these first two weeks, you can slowly reduce the amount of water used, but pay close attention. Never let the lawn get dry enough to wilt. After a month, you can begin watering it on a regular schedule.

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    Maybe, maybe not. If the sod is still liftable, you can lift a corner to check how deeply the soil is moist... if not, you'll just have to guesstimate. I like to see at least an inch and a quarter of water a week, divided, for fresh sod of cool season grasses... more if the temperatures are in the 80s or above or you've got dry winds.

    Put out some tuna cans so you can keep track of how much water your new lawn is getting. You want to catch the water in

    something straight sided, not flared.

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    No need to water if it's raining. Too much water is not good either. You can get away the first year with doing nothing except water as needed. You can apply weed and feed twice a year after that.

    If it's green it's wet enough. It will lighten when it needs water. The edges go dry first.

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    lift a corner of the sod, if the dirt underneath is wet, you're good. If not, water in the morning or evening. Check new sod DAILY for moisture.

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    water would not heart also put down a good dusting of whole ground corn meal about half inch good compose and some organic fertilizer I hope it was rolled after the sod was laid to remove air pockets

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    Lift the sod up gently to see if any white feeder roots has started if so let it alone.

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