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Who Do You Think Is Scarier?

Jason from Friday the 13th


Freddy Kreuger from Nightmare on Elm Street?

Please give a reason why.



noldzski, the movie is called FreddyvsJason, and everone who was rude will be reported!

The person I think is scarier is Freddy, I had a bad dream about him last night, lucky I wasn't killed...

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    I don't really find either of them scary. Cuz freddy kreuger can only hurt you in your dreams and I never really watched any friday the 13th movies. I don't like them that much. I think michael myers or the guy from the texas chainsaw massacre is scarier

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    Freddy Krueger is much scarier.

    Jason is just a mindless goon really. He kills you as fast as he can. No real thought put into it. (lol).

    But Freddy takes his time, makes his victims suffer, and gives them a tailored-to-each-personality type death. Freddy is just as ugly as Jason, but a heck of a lot more creative. He's also got a sense of humor. Everyone should at least have a small laugh before they get killed...(lol)..

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    Freddy Kreuger, because he can get into your dreams where he can take control of everything.

    At least I can run from Jason & it is in the physical world that I can control.

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    Source(s): any guy that's gonna mess with my sleep, i want nothing to do with.
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    Well, in my opinion Jason is because he kills people realistically. Though he just walks and always ends up killing the peson Freddy uses his powers to kills them and that to me is kind of lame.

  • I find both entertaining. If I had to pick one, I would say Jason. Freddy talks to much.

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    Freddy, he attacks in your dreams when your helpless. Jason is so big & bulky anyone could out run him.

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    Michael Myers

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    Jason's much scarier, because he's bulky, unstoppable and by any stretch of the imagination, 10x stronger (at least) than any known human being.

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    Freddy! Hes soo scary looking and acting! Nothing is weirder or creepier than his lines! I dressed up my son one year for halloween as him! LOL! He jumped out of bushes to scare the other trick or treaters! lol!

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