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Has anyone seen an hour by hour timeline of events: re: Maddy McCann?

I am not speaking of the generic timelines posted by the English media. What I am looking for is something with actual times included that includes the following.

Last time a non-family member saw Maddy alive at the resort.

Time parents fed children, which is in direct correlation to above.

Time parents put kids down to sleep.

Time it took kids to fall asleep

Time parents left to go to dinner with friends.

Verified time(s) parents left the table to check on kids. It has been stated that they "frequently" went back to check.

Anybody seen such a thing? I am sure the police have questioned the McCanns extensively concerning this. Considering the absense of a publized timeline, makes me feel that the parents are probably involved.

How about eyewitness reports of seeing Maddy prior to bedtime? Again, I searched and can't find.

Anyone? Anywhere?


Oh Smile you are so wrong!

If the parents had actually reported their every movement, it would have cleared them and led the police to believe that they had to be innocent as a guilty person would not be so forthcoming.

The less you say, the more guilty you look. If something happened to my child I would give them every tidbit I could just to get them to stop looking for me and find my kid!

And as a mother, I may not be able to give you an exact minute, but I sure as heck could tell you when my daughter ate dinner, when I laid her down & when she fell asleep.

Not to mention I would never leave her alone in a strange room to go have dinner.

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    I agree.

    I personally feel something tragic happened which has been covered up.

    Too many things are not adding up.

    why if your child was missing presumed abducted, would you clean the room or the belongings, when vital evidence could be gathered.

    why did accounts of movements not tally?

    why did mr McCann seem so cool under the most horrendous time anybody could imagine? while mrs McCann look like she was about to fall apart.

    Mr McCann has decided to take centre stage and be the mouthpiece for a reason, and not because his wife was gutted by Maddys disappearance.

  • 4 years ago

    i'm unable to get get right of entry to on your link shambo, probable greater censorship! The Mc's and their cronies have lied from day one and pushed the blame on all and sundry yet themselves. Their behaviour has been surprising to declare the least! there is not any info to point an abduction ever passed off even with the shown fact that it extremely is humorous how the newspapers are packed with cr@p except they're making a song the Mc's praises! And now even the extraordinarily experienced canines, that are depended directly to sparkling up many crimes are incorrect! The greater they attempt and squirm their way out of the greater accountable they sound! each and every of the inconsistencies and blatant overlook aside, what mum and dad refuse to help the Police??? it extremely is basically one great ill and sinister conceal-up! no the ask your self maximum of young ones improve up disturbed by ability of a few peoples concept of latest child welfare! Edit: chloe, possibly they took the cabinets down mutually as they have been leaving 'no stone unturned' !!!!!!

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    1 decade ago

    If there was a timeline written by the parents, then that would possibly suggest they were somehow involved as it shows they have planned their timekeeping.

    However there probably isn't a timeline like this.


    I'm saying if they knew the EXACT times of everything, then that would be a bit fishy. But i'm sure they don't.

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