Screamo Music?

What is it? What artists create screamo music?

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    Screamo is a musical genre which evolved from emo/post-hardcore/metalcore in the early 1990s. "Emo" and "screamo" are essentially meant to describe the same style of music, changing with the progression of bands and fans. Characteristic of the genre are "loud-to-soft" (sometimes chaotic) dynamics, harmonized guitars with fast-paced riffs and twinkly melodic breaks, frantic/abrasive shouting or screaming, angry/abstract/introspective lyrics, low-end production, and exceptionally energetic live shows. Screamo bands also tend to bury the vocals in with the other instruments and use more arpeggiated progressions, dynamic and time changes. Breakdowns in screamo songs are often slower and quieter than in other genres, though there is a tendency of still screaming during the soft parts.

    some eg or screamo music:

    Between Home & Serenity

    Bleed the Dream

    Bleeding Kansas

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    To know screamo you need to take out the scream portion. Screamo is just a fusion of Emo music that screams. If you dont know what Emo is, which you need to know for the explaination of screamo, It is an emotional way of rebelling and sprung from punk music in the 90s and is usually confused now a days with indie music. So in summary Screamo music is just emotional music that screams. Some bands are thursday, hawthorne heights, etc. Although to most Screamo is technically not a real genre of music...just to let you know. The easiest way to find some screamo is to browse purevolume and pick screamo in the browse search.

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    I'm the screamer in a band, and we call it "metalcore" but to other people, hipsters, country music listeners, hip-hop/rap listeners, ect. call it "screamo" but usually screamo is mixed with heavy guitar, melodic guitar riffs, drums with a lot of double bass and drum fills, and for the singing it's usually singing on choruses and screaming for verses.

    some good bands for example are....

    Asking Alexandria

    Motionless in White

    In The Eyes Of A Mistress

    Miss May I

    Oceans Ate Alaska


    Eskimo Callboy

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    Umm screamo is a mix of emo and like really hard rock. A good band is Alesana. hope this works!

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    1 decade ago

    It's basically really hard rock music such as pantera or A Static Lullaby

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    1 decade ago

    Agree with first answerer; it's rock but like hardcore rock. Screamers are just that: screamers.

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