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quick yall i need to kno howmany lines are needed in a stanza... for like poems?

please hel pyall

its due like


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    Stanzas can have different numbers of lines. According to the Web site

    The most common stanza types, according to Write Source 2000, are these:

    Couplet - two-line stanza

    Triplet - three-line stanza

    Quatrain - four-line stanza

    Sestet - six-line stanza

    Septet - seven-line stanza

    Octave - eight-line stanza

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    Source(s): Appleton Area School District
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    In traditional English-language poems, stanzas can be identified and grouped together because they share a rhyme scheme, or a fixed number of lines. THE NUMBER OF LINES CAN VARY, although 4 is the most commonly used. At the link below, at the bottom of the page is a poem showing 3 groups of 4-line stanzas, and ending with a 2-line couplet.

    The short answer is 2 for a couplet. After that 3 lines is a tercet; 4 lines is a quatrain; 5 is a cinquain or quintain; and so on.

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    well i hope this help ..

    but i think most are made out of 4

    generally most songs, and quite a few poems follow the ABCB rule of ryhme.

    but in poetry ..the authoer could have any number of lines.

    a limerick for example has 5 lines

    and a hieku ( spelled wrong i'm sorry ) would have 3 lines

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