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Are my goldfish going to be okay?

Alright here's the story, I've recently bought 2 goldfish and placed them into a mediocre sized bowl with some rocks, and a live plant on a tray. The goldfish are gulping on the surface, yes I know it's trying to get oxygen but the thing is when I explain this to my mom, she says that it's fine and I'm worrying too much and it's natural for them to do this and refuses to buy an aquarium. So what can I do for my goldfish? Can an air pump/airstone fit in my mediocre sized fishbowl? My fishbowl are about 3-4 times bigger than your normal fishbowl. Also, how can I persuade my mom to buy an aquarium for my goldfish?


Yes, I am using something that kills chemicals in the water

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    Goldfish cannot live in any bowl. They are huge when adults like 10 inches or more. They need at least 10 gallons per fish, airator, filter and in my opinion heater too. They are gasping due to low oxygen and ammonia build up.

    For now change water everyday, and yes you should add an airator ASAP. A small sponge filter will also help, and if the fish are small (under 2 inches) then they can make it this way for a little while. Also put in a real plant will help also. If you intend to keep them they need a proper home like a 20 gallon tank. They will need this fairly quickly. Try doing chores to raise the money yourself and you take care of the tank. It's a good life skill. Do some research. Any reputable web site will tell you a bowl is no place for a goldfish. A betta would love a nice big bowl like that, goldfish however do not. Goldfish in bowls live weeks, maybe a month or two if they are super tough. Goldfish are supposed to live 10 or more years if kept well. The oldest was in its 40's! Putting goldfish in a bowl leads to a short miserable life for the poor things. They die of their own waste products, how sad.

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    That fish bowl is probably too small for the goldfish, it's supposed to be 1 gallon per inch of fish, and your goldfish, is i'm assuming as big as mine (1 1/2 inches) so they just don't have enough space/oxygen. They may be ok if you get an air pump for your bowl. They come sized for smaller tanks, and they also look kind of neat bubbling up from under the rocks. Good luck, i hope that helped.

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    Each goldfish needs 10 gallons of water. So you really need a 20 gallon tank. Too little of space causes stress and the fish can and probably will die. Also, are you using water conditioner and bacteria supplement? You really need a 20 gallon aquarium with a filter and heater.

    They are gulping for oxygen if they are at the top. You need to treat the water and change 15%-25% of the water.

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    you should tell your mom that the fish are going to die if they aren't put into at least a 20 gallon tank (10 would do fine for a couple of years depending on how small they are now) and if she really cared about your fishies, she would get one for you....or you can just offer to help pay for it or do work around the house for her. :)

    Source(s): this is how i got a 55 and a 29 gallon tank plus fish.
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    stress less its a gold fish thing there not going to die it normal.

    gold fish can survive with out a pump i hav the in a pond out the back of my place

    Source(s): real life experiance
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