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Rate and fix my zombie deck plez and if u r a noob dont answer?

Hi this is my zombie deck plez i need it fix and i dont have cyber dragons or il blud i have only 1 zombie master the deck is 43 cards

Monsters(5-8) (9)

1-Vampire lord x3

2-vampire genisis

3-ryu kokkix2

4-despair from the dark

5-dark dust spirit

6-patrician from the darkness

4 stars or less monsters(13)

1-pyramid turtlex3

2-regenerating mummyx3

3-double costonx2

4-master kayonshi

5-man eater bug

6-morphing jar2

7-spirit reaper

8-magichian of faith


1-call of the mummyx2

2-book of lifex3

3-card of safe returnx2


5-mystical plasma zonex2

6-mystical space typhoon

7-axe of despair

8-lightning vortex

9-swords of reaviling light

10-mage power

11-premature buriual

12-tribute to the doomed


1-torrential tribute

2-call of the haunted

3-raigaki break

thats it plez fix and rate the deck is 43 card

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    I used to play zombies in big tournaments all the time so I know what i'm talking about. I will do each part of your deck and then explain why.

    First, lets go with the creatures.

    Pyramid turtlex3/Regenerating mummyx3/Morphing jarx1/Spirit reaperx1/Magician of faithx1/Breaker the magical warriorx1/Vampire lordx2/Ryu Kokkix3/Dark Dust spiritx1/Newdoriax2/Nimble Momangax3

    First of all Vampire Genesis,Despair from the dark, and Patrician all have to go. The just don't cut it in real tourny play. The only reason dusty stayed is because sense dark hole is banned this card can really come in handy if played right.Morphing jar 1 not 2 is good and nimbles are here because alot of the time you will have to suicide your own turtles to get out your bigger fish. Breaker and faith should be in any deck right now since they are allowed back in play, and I know that nedoria is a fiend, but since nobleman of crossout is back up to two he is safer to use than a flip effect monster.

    Now for spells.

    Book of lifex3/Card of safe returnx2/call of the mummyx2/premature burialx1/MSTx1/HeavyStormx1/Swords ofRevealingLightx1/NoblemanofCrossoutx2/Fissurex1/Smashing groundx1/Pot of Avarice x1

    This is your spell line up.Zombie decks always run off of more spells than traps anyway.Book of life should always be at 3. Safe return and mummy are good enough at two. And all the kill spell cards are a must because zombie decks are all about the beat down. Just clearing the way and taking the life. Also Pot of Avarice is just there for even more draw power. The more options you have, the better chance that you have to win.

    Last, but not least the traps.

    Torrential Tributex1/Call of the Hauntedx1/Mirror Forcex1/Royal decreex2/

    See you just don't need alot of trap cards in a zombie deck. Haunted is obvious. Torrential and Force are to widen your monster kilers a little more. And Royal Decree will mess almost anyone up because you only have 5 whole trap cards in your deck and mostly everyone else relys on them. It also goes with the whole clear the board and then smash away concept that I was talking about earlier.

    All together it is a 42 card deck. With all of the draw power though it will go through pretty quickly. This is a pretty good zombie deck and if you don't have all the cards here it's alright. It is just a game anyway.

    Oh!, and here is the side deck for it.

    Jinzox1/sakuretsux3/Bottomless trap holex3/pot of avaricex1/Dust tornadoex2/Mobius the frost monarchx2/Brain controlx3

    The jinzo is to replace dusty if your opponent is really into traps. If the use alot of spells like you though, then just get rid of the anti-trap stuff and put in some traps of your own. Pot of avarice if you feel that you need more draw. And last the Mobiuses and brains and dust tornadoes. These babies are for those pesky crystal beast decks or others like them. You know what dust tornadoes do and mobius when he is summoned takes out not one, but 2 spell or trap cards on your opponents side of the field. The brains are there because if you decied to use them just replace your lower level monsters with them and then use the brain controls to sacrifice your opponents monsters instead.

    I hope that you like what I have come up with and I wish you luck with you future duals.

    The Fiend Master

    Sorry I just had to add one more thing. That idiot who put something down in front of me is wrong. Magician of faith is not banned anymore, you are allowed to use1. The same goes for breaker the magical warrior. If you want to see the new banned list just go to the official yugioh card website.

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    Zombies are lifeless, i might upload a mill engine. 2 Rykos? perhaps a charge of the mild Brigade? Then collectively as we are at it, Cyber Dragon and Lyla. AND A CHAOS SORCERER. Why does each build regarding any quantity of darkish or mild monsters continually grow to be a Chaos build for me? Take out 2 cut back , take out United we Stand, huge Trunade, 2 Sakuretsu. upload in 2 e book of Moons, yet another call of the mummy. Then take out Vampire Lord, a million Krebons, a million Goblin Zombie, a million Zombie grasp. And fill the rest with the Lightsworn, Chaos ********.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ditch Man-Eater Bug for Soul Absorbing Bone Tower

    That's all I can think of...

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    to see what u can do to your deck i would have to see what every card can do. you need to take out magician of faith as that is a banned card.

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    I'd throw them all out and start from scratch.

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