Fifi's Brothel and the US Army?

Back in World War II, in France, Captain Jenkins men have liberated a small french town from the Germans, Capt. Jenkins and Sgt. Brown are scouting the area to look for a place the men can rest. Brown spies a brothel just outside of town. Jenkins says to Brown "You think the men would enjoy a stopover at this brothel sergeant?" Brown replies, "I'm sure they would sir, all except Private Cox, he's married and kind of religious, but all the others I'm sure would sir, including myself" Jenkins says "I'll speak to the Madam and see what can be arranged, let's go" Jenkins knocks on the door. "Excuse me Ma'am Me and my men would like to have food drink and a place to rest, if possible and any other amenities you could offer." The Madam, Fifi replied "But of course, food drink and beds are on the house for the brave American liberators, and you may also avail yourself of the comforts my girls can provide." "Very kind, but we have a large platoon" says Jenkins.


"Nonsense" says Fifi "My ladies have entertained over 100 men in one night!" How many in your platoon?" Jenkins asks Brown "How many men not counting the private?" "87 Men without Cox Sir" Fifi replies "IMPOSSIBLE!"

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