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What is This Song Called,and Who Sings it?

im pretty sure its called Summer Down (i think) and a guy sings it.

i remember the part that is sang goes like..

"this aint nothing but a summer down,


we`re gon' party as much as we can..

hahaha sorry i dont know exactly how it goes, but i love it!

please, anyone know what it is?

thanks! xx

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    Try tapping the tune at the links below. These sites lets you search for a song, by tapping the rhythm of its words (lyrics). Hopefully it could display the song you are looking for.

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  • 3 years ago

    Sing of excellent issues no longer undesirable, sing of chuffed no longer unhappy. Sing, Sing a music, sing it trouble-free to final the full night long. do no longer hardship if its no longer good adequate for anybody else to hearken to, purely sing, sing a music.

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    Source(s): hope it helps, it may take a while to load..
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