What can politicians, educators, students, and parents do to make schools and campuses safer?

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    One of the first things we'll all need to do to make schools and campuses safer is accept the fact that, statistically speaking, the threat of serious violence in our schools is at least as likely as fire or earthquake. Additionally, no amount of wishing violence away, clinging to political correctness, or "banning" of weapons will reduce the threat of a murderous, suicidal intruder harming our students.

    Educational institutions, as well as other institutions, need to plan for and drill for such unfortunate events. Even though, unlike fires and other disasters, these events are relatively new, there are policies and procedures which help minimize risk and harm.

    In the case of schools, whenever possible a police officer should be on-sight, armed and trained to protect our students. When that is not possible, at least one teacher or administrator on staff should be armed and trained to protect our students on campus. If that is not possible, I suggest we make it possible.

    Wishful thinking, imagining it will all go away, "banning guns," and/or expecting we can always see it coming or solve it with a hug... are practices which no longer serve the safety of our students and staff in schools.

    Of course, police must be working with our schools and all institutions to help educate and train our staff, students, and clients to be prepared and proactive in protecting ourselves, and in responding most appropriately to violent threats.

    Fire drills, earthquake drills, and armed intruder drills should be a permanent part of all business and institutional emergency planning, and best practice response is a must: including armed defense of all of children - in the building, not 5 to 20 minutes away!

    Once these policies and attitudes are in place, we can set about looking at the socio-economic and/or psycological causes of such violence in our society. We can even look at the roles of news and other media in contributing to such events as Dawson College, but defend and protect the children first.

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    Ever watch the movie "Pay It Forward"? The school in the movie had metal detectors installed, yet a knife was passed through undetected. Metal detectors may work for a while, but eventually people will figure out ways to sneak in weapons past security.

    Most of the influence that young teens have are from their peers, the media, and their families. Yes, their families include mom and dad. If the home is unstable and in turmoil, then that heavily influences the child in how they think and act. For instance, if a child grows up in an abusive home, then in the future, they in turn become abusive or enter into abusive relationships. The same goes for violence. If the home is violent, then the child will most likely become violent.

    Taking guns and weapons away from someone is not the most effective method of reducing violence. If a parent takes away candy from a child, the child will try to get the candy and eat it. If guns and weapons are taken away and banned from youth, they will find ways of getting those weapons. Politicians, educators, students, and parents should educate people about gun violence and the consequences that come with violating the law. Places such as Toronto Street Mission are excellent ways of providing youth a place to hang out during after school hours and to finish their schoolwork.

    The environment within the schools is also an important aspect of keeping schools safe. The outward appearance, however, can be deceiving, as portrayed at C.W. Jeffery. Schools should not be an intimidating place for students, even for teachers. School is a place for learning, not a place for fear. Plain clothes security guards is a good method of keeping schools safe. Although students will identify them as a security guard, they will be less intimidated because the guard is not in the police uniform. At my high-school, the security guard was dressed in plain clothes and every student knew who he was. Instead of being intimidated by him, the students befriended him and there has not been a fight occurring at my school since. Also, teachers can play in a role of breaking up a potential fight. They have to be careful and cautious of course, but they can also be very effective.

    There is no definite solution to making schools and campuses safer, but if everyone works together, it is possible to eliminate the amount of violence present in schools and campuses.

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    Trust me--MENTORING is the answer. Mentoring is not the same as tutoring or counselling and is not a role in which an adult supervises a child in activities. Mentoring a child means becoming a friend for life and get involved in activities they share. It does take a long level of time to gain the trust between mentor and mentee. Kids would soon end up speaking to their mentor on all subjects and whatever comes their way, bullies, their home environment, concerns over making qualifications, peer pressure and much more. Kids need someone they know well to speak to, someone they trust and they can help them open up and they need someone to turn to. Once we start when they are young, the children grow up to be responsible adults.

    Time and time again it has been proven that an adult, in the role of a mentor, helps kids break through the cycle of violence, gets the kids the assistance they need with troubled home environments and those who attend schools that have violence problems. The City of Toronto supports such a mentoring project that sends an adult volunteer to visit the children/youth that they are paired up with, once a week. The changes have made it possible in reducing violence in the schools as well as getting kids the help they need immediately.

    I know of a story where a rival gang challenged a former leader of another gang at a high school some years ago. It happened that the former leader of the opposing gang had been paired up with an adult mentor and was hoping to seek a way out of gang activity. Mentoring did him a world of good because seconds after the challenge, the former leader said "I don't want to fight, you're not worth it" and he walked away. Everyone went home. Now THAT is the power of mentoring! It helps kids find new paths they didn't know that even existed.

    Let's all stop te talk about the need to change the law, let's shut up about the use of detectors in schools, the school transfers, the tougher rules to be made, the harsher sentences must become. If you have time to talk, then consider volunteering to be a mentor and LISTEN to our Canadian kids!!!!

    Unfortunately, there are too few adults signing up for mentoring programs in Canada. Well, what are you waiting for?

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    I think metal detectors in school would be a great idea - not to say that they would solve the problem of violence though, but at least it may eliminate a few weapons entering the school. School doors locked to the outsiders once classes start is a great idea too. At least that would prevent just anyone walking in at any time.

    We've homeschooled our kids for the last 3 years and have decided to put them back in school this year. Well, 1 week into school and my middle school child told me someone got caught smoking in the bathroom at school, my grade 10 informed me that the kids smoke pot behind the gas station and the school, and yesterday I stopped at the gas station just after the high school kids had been there. I seriously thought a garbage truck had blown up there. I couldn't believe the amount of garbage and pop cans in the lot. The attendant cleaning it up said it was an everyday occurrance! From what I've been told is there is a lot of violence at the high school - mostly racial issues. All three schools my kids attend - elementary, middle and high - have 0 tolerance for violence, but yet it still exists. The high school is equipped with 40 security cameras and a police officer that is there all day; he stands at the door in the morning as the kids enter with his hand on his gun! That sure made me feel great the first day when I took my son, but apparently the violence continues. So yeah, I think it has to do with the education of the child at home. It boils down to values and morals. I discussed the garbage issue with my son and made him very aware that if he were to ever be that disrespectful, he would be volunteering at the gas station to do clean-up duties. I told him to avoid the areas where they are smoking pot (and cigarettes) and to remember that he doesn't need to do it to have friends. I'm very thankful to raise my children in a stable home with two parents (although I did remarry after leaving abuse). I just hope and pray that my kids will remember the values that I try to enstill in them and that they'll be smart enough to avoid peer pressure. As for someone coming into a school and shooting - well, I guess I just hope that it never happens. I do think the lack of discipline at school does have an effect on how the kids act there. And I definitely think the laws for young offenders needs to be tougher than they are. I think if kids knew there were serious consequences for their actions, the actions wouldn't be as bad.

    And by the way - population of our town is 1000. We're not talking about any major Canadian city.

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    Uniforms all schools from day one should have uniforms. All schools the same public, catholic doesn't matter. This will stop bullying because some doesn't have brand names. It will also stop the beating up and theft of name brands they will all look the same. Universities, should have finger print access to all doors. School doors should all be kept locked so no outsider can get in with out being buzzed in. Thus making them have to attend the office. Parents need to teach their kids safety, not lock them in the house. Education is the key. In high risk area's metal detectors. Don't close community centres. The kids that are effected by this are the inner city poor. They don't have much hope of escaping this is just taking away the little that they do have. Kids need hope and after school activities band, football, girls and boys activities. Teachers have to watch for the school yard bully and stop it dead in its tracks. Let kids be kids, they fight the zero tolerance is crazy, because they will fight. There needs to be other forms of discipline. The kids need hope and goals to achieve.

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    Well, metal detectors are good, but they arent the whole answer. A metal detector isnt gonna stop anyone on a suicidal rampage with a gun. They are just gonna shoot the person operating the metal detector first is all, then move on into the school shooting.

    A couple suggestions are armed police in schools. I dont mean shopping mall rent-a-cops, i mean actual armed police in every school. Video cameras in every classroom, this way if something happens, be it a small fight or a major event there will be evidence as to who started what.

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    Why don't we stop being such *******, eliminate the "race" factor from everyday life, and get on with our lives? I mean, people are so ridiculous these days with their ideas, the only way to stop someone with a gun is to act, not be a little baby and let them shoot them. Prime example, school lockdowns. Yeah, everyone get in a corner, lock the door, and hope that the person wielding a 9mm isn't going to come in. That is the stupidest, most pathetic thing I've ever seen in my life. Lets just turn into a bunch of fish in a barrel. How about, in the case of a murderous rampage, we get the tough cool people to stand on either side of the doorway with a desk or a chair or a blunt object, the S.O.B comes walking in through the door, and then BAM, they get knocked the hell out or die. Plain and simple.

    But if you want a realist point of view on how to make schools safer, why don't we stop being babies and teach people what to do in the case of an emergency, instead of sitting like animals in a cage waiting to be slaughtered.

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    Trying to get rid of the tools of the violence will not solve the violence. You have to get rid of the source. Teach students from a young age that everybody is equal, and deserves an equal chance. Teach them respect, without contradicting your own teachings. All too often, I see equality being taught, while treating some people 'more equal' than others. True, some parents may refuse to see things that way, some are even extremely prejudicial against a certain kind of person, and they will teach their child to be the same. Teach everybody to defend themselves, but also teach them not to go out picking fights. Some actually cultural openness would help too. We may be a multi cultural country, but those cultures don't blend, and one from a specific cultural background might not understand the customs of one from a different cultural background. If everyone went around treating everybody as an equal, rather than a lesser or greater, I can assure you, student violence, and even day to day violence will only be a bad memory.

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    Although the premier does not want metal detectors in schools,our students are getting killed.Mr. Mcguinty is going to have to suck it up and not only install metal detectors but close circut security cameras inside and on the outer premeter of the most violent if not all schools,we as parents and educators must educate our kids and students alike of the violence both in and outside of our schools and the kind of people not to associate with in and out of school.

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    metal detectors and armed police wount help if anything it will make it worse. schools are education centers, so we shuld be educating people no matter their age abotu bullying. Bullies at a young age should also be delt with then before its to late. a way to keep students safe while in school is lock the doors of the school while people re in classes then unlock them only when nesscary. this keeps people safe and alows people entering the schools to be monitered. havign armed police at the school is being a hiporcrit...and thats allowing guns into the school...what if someone some how got a hold of the cops gun? who would be held rsponsible then?

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