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Can you use a laptop on an airplane?

Is there any internet connection? Are you even allowed to turn it on?

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    You can use a computer on an airplane after you achieve 10,000 feet.

    Internet is rare. When there is Internet, it is on the international airlines.

    Some airplanes even have plugs for your laptop, but that is really rare too.

    The odds are very small.

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    Yeah, you can use your laptop on an airplane, but you can only turn it on when the flight attendants say you can (which is usually right after the plane stops climbing and starts cruising) There probably isnt any internet connection on any plane (you have to turn your wireless off anyways)

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    Yes you can infact i have used it several times in Indonesia and im sure that Indonesian airplanes arent that hi tech. For internet connection i heard that some Emirate airplanes are now allowing internet and mobile phones while on air. But there are still some legal laws issues on territorial rights

    Source(s): Inflight magazine From Garuda Airline
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    No internet connection, and Wi Fi would have to be turned off on your laptop. But once the captain gives A-OK after the plane is up, you can boot up your machine and do work or play games or watch a DVD or whatever - as long as you aren't connected.

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    After the plane reaches a certain altitude, yes you would be allowed to use a laptop (there will be an announcement). Internet is NOT allowed yet, & wi-fi needs to be switched off.

    I know that if you travel with Virgin Atlantic you can ask for chargers (adaptors) .. but not too sure if this is true of any airline.

    Hope this helped!

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    You are allowed to use your laptop during your flight, but not the internet connection. The flight attendants will let you know when it is the appropriate times to use electronic devices.

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