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Mouse problem???

When I click on the desktop icons with a double left click they will not work. However I can open them by doing a single right click and then clicking left to click on open. Also in IE7 and Firefox 2 the single left click just causes the drop down menus to quickly flash open and disappear again. The computer has winxp on it. I have run a spyware check and norton 2008 and cleared out some spyware and found no virus' with no effect on the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions? I know could do a reformat, but that seems a little extreme.


I am not sure what else to add. The desktop icons do not work with a double left click. I tried adjusting the clicking speed under the mouse settings to no avail. There were no mouse drivers with the mouse and I did try another mouse of the same model with no change. I will try the system restore and go back a couple of weeks to see what happens.

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    Windows has a little timer running that sends a special DoubleClick message if you click fast enough. Otherwise the applications just see two single clicks, no matter how fast you click them.

    The trick is to make sure that the timer is set long enough for your personal double click speed. This control is in the mouse control panel.

    Start.. Run.. main.cpl (or Control Panel... Mouse). Go to the tab at the top that exposes the Double Click speed and move the slider toward Slow... (On my PC, the tab is called Activities, but I run Vista). Test your new doubleclick speed by doubleclicking in the Test Area.

    Good luck!


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    Try reinstalling the drivers for the mouse (if any came with it). Either that or you can try a system restore to roll your computer back to the point where there was no problem. A lot of things can cause this, but in order to give you a solid answer, I would need somemore details.

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