help... i think im sharing a network.....?

im having troubles dloading to megaupload coz when i dload.. it says that im already dloading... i think im sharing an IP wid someone.... and is my problem related to , hosts files? coz i recently saw my host file... its a notepad wid IP ads and names of advertisements.... can anyone also help me with locating the hosts files notepad? i dont know where it is, just saw it by accident... thanks

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    First download two antivirus softwares. I like AVG and antivir.

    Run it.

    Second download spyware program. I like spybot search and destroy.

    Run it.

    Third run hijack this and keep a copy but don't do anything.

    Post list and ask if anything is wrong.

    Fifth install a proper firewall and tell it to manually ask each time it allows anything out or in. I like zone alarm,

    Sixth turn off your wireless.

    Seventh contact your ISP and ask them.

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