Gay and Lesbian: Cologne or perfume?

I'm a lesbian and love men's colognes over the flowery women's perfume. To me, it just smells clean instead of masking. You?

And what do you like on your partner, if anything?

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    1 decade ago
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    I'm a bisexual female, and I prefer CK One and CK B. I'm sure that's not the latest trend or anything, but people always tell me that I smell incredible and ask me what I'm wearing. So, if it ain't broke. Don't fix it. I do find that most men's fragrances smell cleaner than some perfumes. I've read that certain men's fragrances do smell good on women depending on how it works with your body chemistry.

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    My Partner wears Jovan Musk for men because on her the ladies Jovan smells funny. If that's what you like then wear it. I've worn patchouli for almost a quarter of a century and switch off for more floral when I want a change.

    Wear what you like. It doesn't matter whether butch or not. What matters your personal preference and that of your partner...and I adore it when Best Beloved wears wild strawberry -- but there's so little left in the vial and there's no more to be had. Crabtree and Evelyn doesn't make it anymore (so stock up when you find a favourite!!)

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    Well some of the female perfumes smells to much of flowers and such it doesn't appeal to me one my gf puts it Nor on my to her.

    So I guess what we all trying to say is we like the clean smell from the cologne I don't know why it is that way just that it is that way.

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    Personal preference for me is the clean smelling men's verses the flowery smell.

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    Realities. Farenheit.

  • I'm a guy and prefer men's cologne.

    My favorites are Escape by CK & Fahrenheit by Dior.

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    I'm bisexual and let me tell ya, there are times when a woman's perfume makes me just wanna grab her and (fill in blank with erotic thought) _______________________________.

    And, let me tell ya, there are times when a man's cologne makes me just wanna grab him and (fill in blank with erotic thought) __________________.

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