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Any air traffic contollers out there?

Does anyone know about a career as an air traffic contoller? I am thinking about going to school to pursue this field - can anyone give me any feedback? Any information would be greatly appreciated..i just wouldnt want to put in time, effort and money into pursuing this if its not worth it in the end? I am told the job outlook is very good but competitive - specifically I am looking for the NY Metropolitan are as I do not want to move out of state - I read about the qualifications but I am getting information from a few different sources and the info doesnt exactly match..

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    The husband of my good friend is an air traffic controller. I don't have specific information, but I believe they are paid a decent amount. The big drawback in my opinion is the amount of stress on the job. The job demands a lot of concentration and an error can have BIG consequences. If you are a person who deals well with stress and has good abilities of concentration, it might be a good career for you.

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